Home Goods Round Up

It’s bacckkkkkk…the Home Goods recap!!  I’m really going to try to post these on a regular basis since I keep getting requests for them..I love hearing what you guys buy so please keep the notes coming.  I have to say Home Goods really is at the top of their game lately.  I have found so many amazing things the past few times I have stopped in to do the re-cap.  I have high hopes for the merchandise assortment leading up the the holidays.  All of these items were at the Port Chester location yesterday!!!  Happy Shopping!!!!

I just bought my husband something very similar from a local florist for his office and this is the exact same look for soooo much less.  And they had a pair!!!!

Ooooohhhh I wish I had a beach house!!!!

This Kartell lucite table was amazing…again I wish I had a place for it.

I regret not bringing home these wicker lanterns with me!!!  I must have been distracted by the random ships wheel sharing the space!!!!!!!  HA!!!

This did come home with me!!! I was searching for really nice plants for my patio shoot.  I know I will always find a place for this.

I am devastated, this hair calf box was already in someone’s cart.  I cannot believe I missed it.

I ended up buying these steak knives for my parents.  They are such a great french brand and I love the butcher block.

 When my kids were in grammar school, we had one of these to keep all the art supplies in for craft and school projects.  They were so hard to find back then.  

I loved these planters and there were a pair of each.

Japanese water baskets are really hard to find.  I have a pair that I bought ages ago and I love them!!!

I am not into faux trees but fig ficus trees are so hard to keep alive and this one was such good quality, it was hard to pass up!!!

There were a ton of chic desk accessories.

This chest would look great at the end of a twin bed.  Especially in a college dorm.

 The decorative pillows were again, some of the best that I have seen in ages….

This shelving unit was so chic!….

So were these floor pillows!

 Here is probably one the the greatest Home Good finds ever..these pagoda lamps with the patent shades…perfection…

I did get this adorable dog beg for my Maisy……BUT

I don’t think she loved it…HENCE..the side eye!!!!

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