How would you like to have unlimited access to a doctor 24/7 no matter where you are, home or away (in all 50 states)?  All you would have to do is call or log in and set up an appointment and a doctor would call you back or video chat you, within an hour,  listen to your symptoms, discuss and treatment plan and call in your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. 

All of this from your home, NO long urgent care lines, NO waiting for days for an appointment, NO going out when you feel like you can’t get out of bed.  

Honestly, I have been a member of HealthSapiens for 6 months now and it is incredible.  I only pay $20 a month for my entire family ($15 a month for an individual) and we have all used the services at least once.  There are no other costs, except for the actual prescription, which your insurance should cover (or at least mine has every time).

The doctors are very professional and thorough and they are literally a phone call away.   They treat all ages from young children to the elderly.  Common conditions treated are cough, sinus infection, sore throat, bronchitis, vomiting, stomach issues, fever, pink eye, cold, flu, headache, weight concerns, stop smoking, depression and anxiety.  

For more information or to sign up for this invaluable service, click HERE.  TRUST me you will not regret this one…..

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