Gift Guide For The Sportsman

If you know an avid sportsman and are not familiar with their hobbies, it might not be easy to find and purchase the perfect gift for them. Sportsmen are a special breed and enjoy the outdoors as well as hobbies like hunting, camping, fishing and sailing. They may enjoy playing sports as well as watching them. Fortunately, you can purchase quite a few gifts for them as long as you know what activities they enjoy.

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Sports Watches

Sports watches are a very special type of watch. They come in various brands, but one of the premier and most well-known companies for sports watches is Alpina Watches. These watches are designed to look beautiful and take abuse. They are usually shockproof, water-resistant and scratch-resistant. In other words, they are meant to be worn outdoors, where they come into contact with various substances and situations. Sports watches are a classic gift for almost any sportsman.

Rain Gear

Since the average sportsman spends a lot of time outdoors, a good set of rain gear is necessary. They come in all sizes and colors so you can pick their favorite and their size. You can get rain gear in just jackets, a jacket and pant set or an overcoat. There are also hooded and non-hooded styles. When you purchase rain gear, make sure that it fits with what the sportsman likes to do. If they like to hunt or fish, then camo might be best, or if they like boating or sailing a full suit that will handle salt spray might be a good idea.

Specialty Packs and Vests

There are backpacks and bags for almost all sportsmen. These are bags that contain items that the sportsman would like to have handy. Hunting bags usually contain storage for shells, calls and gear that makes hunting easier. The fishing bags usually contain space for fishing gear, line and other tackle. Each of these also comes in a wearable vest as well as a bag. Some of these bags contain the items that a sportsman needs pre-packed, and others just have storage space.

Water Storage Bags

These handy items allow a hiker, camper or mountain hunter to carry a surprisingly large amount of water with relative ease. Instead of carrying a canteen, they can carry a water storage bag, backpack or vest. They are handy and keep the sportsman hydrated without adding noise or too much weight to their pack. Water storage bags may also be called dromedaries and are normally polyurethane-lined, so they do not leak.

Life Straws

Life Straws are another solution to hydration. Relatively new on the market, they are a water filtering straw. The Life Straw filters out bacteria and waterborne parasites, reducing the need to boil water from rivers and other areas. These are great for hiking, hunting, fishing and camping in out of the way places. The newer versions of the Life Straw like the Life Straw Go have better filtration and sediment clearing than the older versions, so even if they have one already, a new one will be appreciated.

Camping Equipment

High-quality camping equipment is always a great gift for the avid sportsman. There are quite a few items and item sets that you can purchase. One of the more popular camping items is a camp stove. There is also a wide variety of tents, lanterns, sleeping bags and other equipment that you can purchase. You can always ask which items they already have and which they need so you do not duplicate items. With all of the new camping gadgets coming out, there is always something they need or want to try.

Windbreakers and Pullovers

Both windbreakers and pullovers make great gifts for an outdoorsman. These are essential for some of the harsh, cold and wet conditions they may encounter. They are designed to be warm and comfortable even in the worst possible conditions. They come in many colors and materials so you can pick the one that fits your sportsman’s personality the best. Some of them have removable liners, hoods and other accessories, so they are great for multiple conditions and climates.

No matter what a sportsman is into, there are gifts available for them. Purchasing something for their outdoor hobby or sport is both thoughtful and personal. 

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