Sunday I took my oldest daughter and a friend to see the show Frankenstein.  I thought I knew Mary’s Shelley’s story and was not expecting much from the show but tis the season.  After all, Halloween is just around the corner and this year no one was into our annual trek to Silverman’s Farm for apples, cider, donuts and pumpkins!!!!!!  I still really wanted to do something fun and when I saw this play advertised, I thought it sounded perfect.  So with low expectations, off we went (everyone else in our household opted to stay behind).  Well, how wrong we all were!  Frankenstein was incredible.  All three of us just loved every bit of the play.  The songs were great, and the actors were fabulous.  It was at the Player’s Theater on MacDougal St, so we were able to go early and sample some of the delicious food stops right around the theater (more on this later).  I recommend this outing so much.  Especially if, your kids, like my daughter have to read Ms. Shelley’s book for English class this year.   If you are looking for something to do with your family (kids over 9 recommended though), Frankenstein is a MUST.  The tickets are so well priced.  HERE is a link for discount tickets.


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