Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are back!!  I love the look of a jean with a flared bottom.  They are so flattering on all body types. A flare leg dresses up an outfit and makes the jeans look less casual, more finished and sophisticated.  They look great with heels, wedges, ballet flats and pointed flats.  Here are some fantastic flare jeans looks!

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  1. Unknown | 30th May 16

    Totally love this look! And you look gorgeous!
    The jeans are damn fine and the coat your wearing is the perfect finishing touch

    flared jeans

  2. nicolesteinthal | 31st May 16

    Thanks Sandra Smith!! Glad that you like it…..Nicole

  3. Anonymous | 31st May 16

    I still have my American Eagle super wide flare jeans from mid-00's, they totally cover my feet whether I'm in Keds, flip flops, flats, etc and the hems are totally frayed from constantly getting walked on, but I LOVE the way they look! My fiance says it's sexy when my toes poke out from my too-long jeans, which leads me to my question: how many women out there have the problem of either too short or too long? All of my jeans (and my really, really baggy overalls) are at least 3 or 4 inches too long, and I'm 5'1"….

  4. nicolesteinthal | 1st Jun 16


    I agree all of the jeans are either too short or too long….I have to have everything altered. I love a super wide flare but can never find them!!!!! I think by now we could all design the perfect jean!!!!!! Thanks for reading!!! XO Nicole

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