First Outing of 2015

Today I am going on my first outing of 2015 to the Brandt Foundation in Greenwich, Ct. “The Brant Foundation Art Study Center, designed by Richard Gluckman, has a mission to promote education and appreciation of contemporary art and design, by making works available to institutions and individuals for scholarly study and examination. ”  It is a gorgeous open space that is a must see if you are visiting this area.  

Today’s exhibit is called Deliverance Through an expansive selection of photographypaintingsculpturefilm, and mixed-media installationsDeliverance explores the work of an iconic group of New York artists who emerged during a distinct moment in American history – one marked by a growing skepticism of political and economic systems as well as a “crisis of confidence” that wounded the American spirit.  Drawing upon artistic explorations of mass media popularized in the 1960s and 1970s, Clark, Noland, Prince and Wool developed incisive artistic vernaculars that exposed the underbelly of American culture.  Their works engage with themes of sexuality, power, censorship, authenticity and the influence of mass media with unmatched candor and continue to influence artistic practice and dialogues worldwide.  

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