Fashionable Friend Friday

Fashion Week is always one of my favorite times in New York City, since I absolutely LOVE fashion.  The shows are always so great to follow.  So many of the big name designers are live streaming their shows now, so if you are not lucky enough to get a coveted ticket, you can still be part of the action.  During Fashion Week there is so much more going on besides the fashion shows. During this week you can get flooded with invitations to events, openings, promotions, new product roll outs, demonstrations and so much more.  It is hard to choose what to do.  When I got an invite to meet Vogue Editor Grace Coddington, I knew it was something I could not miss.  I have been following Grace for so long.  I really admire how talented she is and always look out for her amazing features in Vogue magazine each month.  Also, after seeing The September Issue how could you not love Grace????  Also she is a total Cat person (see her cute cat illustrations below), and you know how much I love animal lovers!!!!!   She was so much more than I ever imagined her to be.  So chic and fabulous.  Grace introduced us to her new fragrance Grace by Comme des Garcons.  It smells heavenly!!  She also has an incredible book out Grace:The American Vogue Years that showcases her work of her last 15 years at Vogue.  And if you missed her memoir, it is a MUST READ, you can buy it HERE.   I have to say as a blogger it was one of my best days ever!!!!!  Bon Weekend!!!

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  1. Dailydosesofbeauty | 18th Feb 17

    Looks like you had a great time.I love fashion shows as well.Always something trendy and new to learn.

  2. The Cornish House | 19th Feb 17

    What a great opportunity and one not to be missed. Did she live up to your expectations?

  3. Unknown | 20th Feb 17

    Uhnm… sounds like a wonderful experience… it's very beneficial for one to meet up with people who also aim high and could also inspire one… well done, hope to share such experience someday

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