Fashionable Friend Friday

The first Fashionable Friend Friday of the New Year is Gucci’s Designer Allesandro Michele.  He is the creative force behind all of the incredible designs we have been seeing from the house of Gucci.  I while ago, when I interviewed Patrica Gucci, she was excited to see what Allesandro was going to do with the brand.  And, from the popularity of all the items, I have to say it has been a home run.  Gucci has been the number one featured brand for 2016 on Instagram, with posts from fans, highlighting all of their amazing products.  The shoes and bags are coveted by fashionistas world wide.  His kangaroo fur mule has become a sensation.  Keep up the good work Allesandro.  I am spending my last few days in South Florida.  Back to the NY freeze next week.  In the meanwhile, Bon Weekend!!!!

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image Gucci

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