Fashionable Friend Friday

This week’s Fashionable Friend Friday is handbag designer Judith Leiber.  I recently visited the Leiber Museum and Gardens in East Hampton and was blown away seeing all of her beautiful creations in one location.  I always admired the beautiful jeweled Leiber bags.  I loved hearing Judith’s history.  She was schooled at Kings College in London before WWII.  She trained at a handbag company where she learned the craft of stitching, cutting, molding, framing and making bag patterns.  Judith eventually became the first woman to join the Hungarian Handbag Guild but then the war broke out in her home of Hungary and her family was able to obtain a safe passage document.  She eventually married Gerson Leiber, a sergeant in the US army and they moved to New York City in 1947.  She founded her own business in 1963 after working for other companies.  The museum opened in 2005.  Here are some of the highlights from a wonderful day!

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