European Skin Care Right Here in Westchester!

I just experienced the most luxurious skin care treatment with European roots right here in Westchester.

The owner and esthetician of ELEGANCE Skincare Studio was born in Europe. She undertook three years of professional training in Esthetics at esteemed European beauty institutes, where skincare  is valued as a science. Later she applied her knowledge and gained valuable experience while working with demanding European clientele.

After moving to the United States, she continued to study Esthetics to learn about US skin care industry standards and to get licensed according to the US requirements. She graduated from Wellness Academy in Hawaii, famously known for its resorts and spas, where she studied  Asian massage and reflexology techniques.

Her experience in skin care is a unique blend of European scientific approach, and Asian relaxation techniques. Passionate about non-surgical skin transformation and enhancement, she has developed breakthrough treatments that incorporate the latest non-invasive technology, and highly effective European skin care products, that give exceptional results.

Here are some of the treatments you can choose from: But for more information or to book your own appointment click HERE. See you there!!

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