Embracing Preloved Fashion: The Birth of Prelove You

Embracing Preloved Fashion: The Birth of Prelove You (Preloveyou.com)

With 25 years in the fashion industry, Rebecca, the founder of Prelove You, has collaborated with renowned brands and thrived in the world of fashion. Her journey took a new turn with the birth of her first child, a baby girl, drawing her into the world of baby couture.

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Rebecca’s love for fashion led her to carefully select each piece for her daughter, but when expecting her baby boy, she sought versatile clothing that could be shared between her children. Realizing how quickly kids outgrow their clothes, she was struck by the wastefulness of the children’s fashion industry.

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Determined to find a sustainable solution, Rebecca envisioned a platform for affordable, stylish second-hand children’s clothing. This idea blossomed into Prelove You, catering to children from newborn to 12 years old.

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How PreLove You Works:

1. Become a Member: Join Prelove You with a monthly membership of $65, or save 10% by paying quarterly.
2. Send in Outgrown Clothes: Submit your children’s outgrown or unwanted clothing and accessories.
3. Earn Credits: Receive credits based on their grading criteria, even earning 1 credit for items that may have seen better days.
4. Shop: Use your credits to shop for fantastic new-to-you clothing from their online boutique.
5. Repeat: Continue the cycle of sustainable fashion.

Preloveyou.com  accepts all types of children’s clothing and accessories, including sports gear. 

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 Scoring and Credits:

  •  Type of Clothing (1-10 Points): Each garment is evaluated based on its style and demand.
  •  Designer Score (1-10 Points): Recognizing the creativity and craftsmanship behind each piece.
  • Sustainability Bonus (15 Points): Extra points for garments made with sustainable practices and materials.
  • Laundered Garments Bonus (5 Points): Additional points for sending in clean, ready-to-use items.
  • Condition of Clothing (0-10 Points): Assessed on wear and tear, with 10 being like new.

Total Potential Score: 50 Points. These credits can be used exclusively in the online boutique to shop for new-to-you clothing.


Upcycling and Sustainability: Prelove You partners with non-profits to grind up unusable clothing for insulation, maintaining a sustainable future. They also support the Katonah Community Center, where women learn to sew and create new items from donated fabric.

Join Prelove You and make a difference in children’s fashion. Happy shopping! 🌍💕

For more information, contact  hello@preloveyou.com or check out their Instagram HERE.

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