Eight Small Bathroom Renovations to Maximize Space

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Is your small bathroom feeling a bit too cozy for comfort? You’re not alone. Many homeowners find themselves struggling with the challenge of a limited bathroom space. 

As per the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), there has been a noticeable decrease in the average size of new homes in the United States in recent years. This means more and more people are dealing with smaller bathrooms.

But the good news is that there are numerous practical solutions to maximize the available space and make the bathroom feel more open and inviting. From upgrading your bathtub to embracing a monochromatic color scheme, these ideas can transform your small bathroom into a more spacious, functional, and enjoyable part of your home. 

So, let’s get started.

  1. Replacement Tubs 

The bathtub is often the largest fixture in the bathroom, and if it’s taking up too much space, it can make the whole room feel cramped. But here’s the solution: go for a smaller, more space-friendly tub. Here are a few fantastic choices:

  • Compact Corner Tub – Imagine a tub that fits perfectly in the corner of your bathroom, leaving lots of extra space. With this tub, you can still enjoy a relaxing soak without making your bathroom feel crowded.
  • Sleek Freestanding Tub – A freestanding tub is a fantastic option for a more modern look. It’s not attached to any walls, creating a sense of openness. Plus, it looks stylish and luxurious.
  • Walk-In Tub – Another smart choice is a walk-in tub, designed with accessibility and space-saving in mind. You can step in them easily, and they come in various sizes to fit your bathroom perfectly. 

When considering such a transformation, we suggest getting in touch with a professional replacement tub service provider with experience providing high-end results. These professionals can offer various helpful solutions, including tub installation, old tub removal, and custom fitting, to make your bathroom renovation a breeze.

  1. Large Mirrors 

In small bathrooms, big changes can come from small choices, like choosing a large mirror. When you install a big, beautifully framed mirror, it does two amazing things. First, it reflects light all around the room, making it brighter and airier. 

Second, it creates a visual illusion of a much larger space. It’s like stepping into a spacious palace, even if your bathroom is cozy.

And here’s the neat part: you can place this mirror above your sink or vanity, which isn’t just practical for your morning routine; it also adds a touch of elegance to your space. 

  1. Floating Shelves 

Another smart solution for small bathrooms is floating shelves that seem to float mid-air, not heavy or bulky like regular cabinets. These open shelves can hold your towels, toiletries, and even some fancy decorations without occupying too much room. 

It’s like magic – your things are there when you need them, and they don’t clutter up your bathroom.

The secret to success here is picking shelves with modern and minimalist designs. These designs keep your bathroom fresh, clean, and, most importantly, spacious.

  1. Walk-in Showers 

Imagine a shower that’s not just a part of your bathroom but is seamlessly integrated into the floor, with no steps or barriers. That’s precisely what a walk-in shower offers.

This shower design is all about accessibility and style. It’s like entering a luxurious oasis, where you can simply walk in and start your refreshing shower experience. 

However, walk-in showers aren’t just about ease of entry and a statement of modern bathroom design. They create a sleek, minimalist look, and the absence of barriers makes your bathroom feel even more open and spacious.

  1. Glass Shower Enclosures 

Swapping your old, clingy shower curtain for a stylish glass enclosure is like a breath of fresh air for small bathrooms.

This upgrade doesn’t just add a touch of luxury to your bathroom; it does something amazing with light. The glass in these enclosures lets light flow freely through your bathroom. It’s like having sunshine inside, making the room feel more open and airier.

And the best part? It’s sleek and modern. This glass enclosure doesn’t just keep water where it should be; it gives your bathroom a high-end look.

  1. Monochromatic Color Scheme 

In small bathrooms, the power of color is immense. Embracing a monochromatic color scheme is like painting your bathroom with a single color but in various shades – its simplicity and brilliance combined.

Think of your bathroom painted in soft blues, gentle grays, or serene whites. This calm color palette creates an open and peaceful atmosphere. But the magic trick here is that sticking to one color in different shades creates an illusion of more space.

  1. Space-Saving Toilets

Space-saving toilets are like a smart space hack, helping you make the most of your bathroom without sacrificing style or comfort. These toilets have a smaller footprint and are perfect for small bathrooms. 

But don’t be fooled by their size; these toilets provide the necessary functionality. They flush just like their bigger counterparts and are just as comfortable. They come in various styles, so you won’t have to compromise on looks either. 

  1. Open Shelving Units 

When dealing with a small bathroom, you’ve got to be clever about storage. But what if your storage could also show off your style? That’s where open shelving units come into play. These open shelves allow you to display your favorite decorative items while keeping your bathroom organized and functional. You can show off your fancy soaps, charming candles, or cute plants.

But it’s not all about looks; these shelves provide functional storage. You can keep your towels, toiletries, and bathroom essentials where needed. 


In the world of small bathroom renovations, it’s the little changes that can make a world of difference. From replacing your tub with a space-efficient design to the elegant charm of open shelving units, each idea discussed above contributes to a more relaxed and functional bathroom. 

Remember, with careful planning and the right choices, you can maximize your limited space while creating a stylish and comfortable retreat. 

So, why wait? Roll up your sleeves and start your small bathroom transformation today! 

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