Don’t Let Life Burn You Out: Here’s How To Tell It’s Hitting You Hard!

Have you ever sat at your desk at work and wished that you could be anywhere else? The screen is hurting your eyes, you can’t concentrate and you can’t even remember how you did your morning routine – you’re on autopilot. When your body and your brain are both burnt out, this is what happens. You are dealing with so much at once, that you start to do things very differently than you usually would.

The thing is, you often don’t realize you’re burning out until it’s far too late. It doesn’t mean that you can’t reverse the burnout and make yourself more comfortable once again, but it does mean that you have to work on it and try to rectify the burnout before it continues. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can tell that life has smacked you a little too hard in the face

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You’re Losing Your Self-Confidence

The feeling of burnout isn’t just about the physical stress and worry you have in your body. The paranoia that comes with not being able to keep up with your usual fast pace of work is difficult to handle, and it makes you lose your confidence. Your work feels too demanding, as if you are struggling to keep up. Your home life feels chaotic, as if you’re overwhelmed. Your confidence is gone and the effect on your life can be detrimental.

You Feel Low – Constantly Low

The negativity you feel when it comes to your everyday life is hard to get away from. You feel low, and sad and life feels more down than it does up. It’s hard to feel happy again when you are burnt out, because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with how run down you feel.

You Are Exhausted

Those who are burnt out are constantly pushing themselves to work harder, be everything to everyone and are feeling generally overwhelmed. You can check out the Puffy Lux reviews and make the space in which you sleep a more comfortable place to be, but ultimately you need to think about getting to bed on time. Exhaustion is going to feel like it’s taking you over, and it’s hard to come back from that feeling unless you work on it.

Get Off Social Media

Are you spending hours staring at your screen while you are in bed? Well, no wonder you’re exhausted. You need to consider getting off of social media, and letting go of staring at your smartphone. Social media is like an empty refrigerator: the more you look at it, the less there is to see. You won’t be sleeping at night if you’re staring at your phone, and learning about blue light technology will teach you why.

Burning out is not ideal, and you need to work on preventing this from happening to you. When you recognize these signs, you can learn to slow down and put the brakes on pushing yourself to exhaustion and energy depletion!

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