DeTAPAS Spanish Gastrobar Celebrates 1 Year in Westport 

Diners are invited to celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary of DeTAPAS Spanish Gastrobar on the weekend of January 14th and enjoy a complimentary glass of Cava.

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Last January Westport’s international food scene diversified even more when DeTAPAS Spanish Gastrobar opened its doors. Restauranteur Carlos Pla, a native of Barcelona, gave up a long and successful career in finance to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant. Pla is excited to introduce Americans to the culture and flavors of his country and to clear up the common misconception that Spanish food and Latin food are one and the same as they are vastly different. Pla does this by sharing the recipes, stories and flavors that are prevalent in the European country that leads the world’s Michelin starred restaurants just behind France, Japan, and Italy (and ranked just ahead of the United States.) 

Pla introduces diners to the inimitable flavors and recipes from Spain by introducing tapas, main dishes and paellas as served in his native country which is quite different from what most Americans are accustomed to. In so doing he offers a bit of an education and shares many stories surrounding his food and drink – he only serves Spanish wines and Cava – and his guests are grateful for these experiences.

Inside the restaurant, the vibe is quintessentially and distinctly European. The design is as deliberate as the cuisine. The large mural that runs the length of the restaurant, with its bright, boldly-colored tiles imported from Spain along with the clean lines and streamlined interior pull you out of Westport and right into a busy little gastropub in the heart of the urban Spanish city. Regulars will notice an addition – a new bar was built over the holiday and a television was added for those who want to cheer on their favorite (Spanish) sports teams!

Eager to share his culture he has introduced a monthly and always sold-out Flamenco Night, a Jamon Jamon Iberico and Wine Tasting, and many more events are planned for the upcoming year including a Happy Sangria Hour, and cooking classes to name just a couple. 

About Carlos Pla, Restauranteur

Pla moved to Greenwich by way of Ireland, and Miami. Whenever he traveled, which he has done extensively, he would seek out Spanish restaurants. With the exception of New York City, his search would always come up short or he would be disappointed with what he found. Realizing that he needed to gain some hands-on experience he found himself with the opportunity to manage Mercado Little Spain, owned by the esteemed Michelin Star Chef, José Andres. When the pandemic hit shuttering the restaurant industry, Pla began catering anniversaries, birthdays, and all sorts of other celebrations bringing his equipment to people’s backyards. Word spread quickly and soon his tapas and paellas were in great demand. As the restaurants opened up again Pla jumped at the opportunity and found the perfect spot in the heart of Westport. This is his first restaurant and Pla has plans to open more locations in the next few years.

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