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I am always looking for storage inspiration.  Especially in my closet.  Fall is coming and it is time to do a little closet redecorating.  I pinned my friend, blog sponsor and fashionista Cricket Burn’s closet for quite some time now.  What I love about her closet is that I feel like it is a little room that belongs in the costume institute.  How much would you love this closet and the things in it?  It’s not huge, which is OK because there is a place for everything and everything has its place.  I love how she stores her larger bags on the top shelf just under the ceiling and then uses curtain hold backs for the smaller bags.  How chic!  The jewelry wall is brilliant and hanging your statement necklaces on hooks keeps them in good shape and easy to grab with that perfect outfit.  I also am thinking of forgoing an small ottoman or upholstered bench in favor of this cool lucite step stool.  I love the green accent color and it really looks like a piece of furniture.  The use of the lighter hangers gives the closet an airy feeling against the dark floor.  I never know what color hanger to buy, NOW I do!!!  Lastly, I love the use of the longer narrower shelves for shoes.  So smart and much neater than the shoe racks that are available for closets.  Cricket offers her unique home jushing decorating services.  She will come to refresh or make over any area in your home with treasures from her consignment warehouse in basically no more than one day.  For more information contact Cricket at
image NYC& G magazine
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