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Want To Rebrand Your Closet? Here Are Some Tips

Sometimes, you feel you wear the same attire every time, and you can get bored quickly. Fortunately, you can rebrand your closet if you’re stuck in a fashion rut. And this involves removing the clothes you don’t wear anymore and replacing them with new, stylish pieces that reflect your current taste. Here are some tips to give your closet a new look!

  1. Define your style

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What do you feel most comfortable in? What best represents your unique personality? When you choose what to wear, you send a message about who you are. Your wardrobe tells others about your interests, values, and personality traits. For example, a trendy girl might have many plaids and animal prints in her wardrobe. She’s projecting a youthful nature full of energy and excitement. Therefore, you’ll find it helpful to know your unique style. 

The first place to start is knowing what kind of clothes look best on you! Once you know your body type, it’s easy to find out what kinds of styles suit your figure: for example, if you have an hourglass figure (pear-shaped), you’ll find that most long skirts and dresses will fit great on you; if you have a rectangular figure. Shoes, belts, and scarves can dramatically change how an outfit looks and feels. Accessories will greatly impact your overall look, so feel free to make a statement with them.

  1. Purge your closet

Get rid of anything that no longer fits. Don’t keep old clothes because you might fit into them eventually. Doing this may contribute to the 1.6 billion unworn outfits. Remember that your body changes over time, and so does fashion — even if something was once fashionable, it might not be anymore. The best way to update your wardrobe is with items that fit well and flatter your figure. Make an inventory of what you have in clothing, shoes, and accessories, including items that you may not have, such as bow-tie, suspenders, and men’s casual belts. These accessories not only serve a practical purpose but can also add a touch of style and personality to your overall look. After assessing your collection, then you can determine what pieces need to be updated. 

For example, if you have 10 pairs of jeans but only wear two of them regularly, consider removing the rest and focus on updating those two or three favorites. While at it, inspect your remaining clothes to ensure they are in great condition. If they need cleaning, ensure that you use the right cleaning product. For instance, products like non-toxic leather cleaners can benefit leather clothing and shoes, so feel free to consider this.

  1. Shop smart

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When shopping for new clothes, always start with a purpose in mind. Make a budget. Ascertain how much you can afford to spend on new clothes and stick to them. Consider how you will wear the item and when you’ll wear it. Buy versatile, classic, and timeless items to prevent you from having a full wardrobe with nothing to wear. 

Regardless of the reason, rebranding your closet is a fun way to create something new that reflects you as a person. Have fun with it! Experiment with different styles; don’t be afraid to try something new. Be confident. The best tip is to wear what makes you feel good and rock your new look confidently. Enjoy your new wardrobe!

The Benefits Of Minimalism In The Home

Creating a minimalist home is beneficial for many reasons. Minimalism means what it sounds like – a minimal amount. It’s all about less furniture and less clutter within the space. Not that the furniture in a space is deemed as clutter to some, but it can often take up too much room which ultimately isn’t good for the feel of the home.

There are many advantages to switching to a minimalist home, so here are the benefits of minimalism in the home and how it can be incorporated into yours this year.

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Spend less and save money

Everything costs money nowadays and when it comes to dressing the home, there’s a lot of money that’s often spent on furnishing it.

With a minimalist approach to the home, a household can end up spending a lot less on furniture and decor as a whole. With minimalism, a lot of it is affordable and budget-friendly. While some enjoy the materialistic things in life, it can be nice to have a bit of extra money for the household, to enjoy other memory-making experiences instead.

Less fuss and hassle to maintain

Minimalism means to have less and having less in the home, means there’s a lot less to maintain. For some households, they might have to dedicate a whole day to cleaning the home and this time could be spent elsewhere – rather than having to dust down, scrub and clean multiple appliances and furniture.

With less furniture and appliances, there’s less to clean, meaning even bigger homes can take a lot less time to clean.

Good for the environment

Spending less on the home can have a positive impact on the environment. With less money spent on furniture and materials, it reduces to amount of pollution and carbon footprint size.

This is always good for those who are conscious of how much they’re contributing to their environment both locally and globally. The less spent on furniture, the better it is not only for the wallet but for the good of the planet too.

Helps to provide a stress-free space

Having a home that’s comforting and relaxing to live in is highly critical to a person’s mental well-being. It’s a safe space to come home to and with the demand of daily life in the workplace, the home is a great place to unwind. With a minimalist setting, it’s much easier to relax in it.

Easing stress where a person can is not only mentally beneficial but it can be physically beneficial to the body too.

Gets rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter is always worthwhile, especially as many of us humans are natural hoarders. With Go Now, a household can get rid of all the unnecessary clutter that’s around the home. Those belongings that are no longer serving any purpose other than taking up precious room.

With that being said, consider the benefits of minimalism and perhaps start the transformation in the home this year. It can make a big difference in how the space feels for all the family.

3 Tips To Make Your Home Smell Nice

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Nobody wants their home to smell bad and be full of dirt. It’s why they put so much effort into cleaning up. Despite how much cleaning you do, you could feel as though your house still doesn’t smell the way you want it to. You’d want it to smell better.

You don’t need to put a lot of effort into this. Instead, it’s as simple as knowing how to make your home smell nice quickly and easily. With three particular tips, it’ll be much easier than you’d expect. They shouldn’t take much time or effort, despite how much of an impact they’ll have.

How To Make Your Home Smell Nice: 3 Top Tips

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles can be one of the more notable ways to make your home smell nice, but it can also be overlooked. It’s worth picking up a few of them and putting them around your home. There are plenty of options on offer with this, even candles for smokers.

Having a few of these you like the smell of, and lighting them regularly, will make sure your home smells as nice as possible. They can even make your home feel a little cozier.

2. Deodorize With Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are known to help clothes and laundry smell nicer after a wash, but you’ll need to pick up the scented options to take advantage of this. If you’re already doing this, it could be worth going beyond the laundry room with this.

Having scented dryer sheets in your dressers, closets, and other small places can help your home smell nicer than you’d think. Anything you take out of these places will smell great, even if they’ve been tucked away for months.

3. Spruce Up The Trash Can

You’ll already know you need to take the trash out regularly. Not only can a buildup of this be unhealthy and draw in pests, but it emits an unpleasant odor. You could need to go beyond this to make sure everything smells as nice as possible.

Even putting some baking soda inside your trash can could help you with this. The can itself could retain smells, even well after they’ve been emptied. In time, this leads to the trash can smelling bad even when it’s empty.

By keeping it spruced up, you can avoid this. Even cleaning the inside of the bin every once in a while can be recommended to help with this.

How To Make Your Home Smell Nice: Wrapping Up

If you don’t know how to make your home smell nice, it can seem like a complicated process. At a certain point, you might resign yourself to just putting up with it. That doesn’t need to happen, however. A few specific tips can be helpful, as they’d have more of an impact than you’d expect.

By using the right candles, sprucing up the trash can, and deodorizing with dryer sheets, you’ll have your home smelling better than expected. You wouldn’t even need to put much time or effort into these, so you’ll have an amazing-smelling home in no time.

How To Add Color To Your Walls With Flower Peel and Stick Wallpaper 

Like most individuals, you probably take considerable pride in your house. You want your space to show your individuality and sense of flair. And wallpaper murals are one of the most trendy and affordable ways to accomplish this. 

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They can add life and vibrancy to a space and are an excellent way to showcase your interests and passions. 

However, not all wall coverings are made equal. Modern families today prefer flower peel and stick wallpaper in comparison to conventional wallpapers. 

In this article, you’ll discover different ways you can add colors to your walls with removable wallpaper. 

Adds Color and Texture to Your Walls 

Peel and stick is a terrific way to add some pattern, color, or the appearance of texture to any space, including the kitchen.

A peel and stick wallpaper is simple to utilize as a backsplash in the kitchen, as most homeowners do. 

Moreover, these wallpaper always make a great option for giving an aesthetic appeal to your living rooms and bedrooms. 

A Long-lasting Option

There are many choices to be made when remodeling your house. What kind of wallpaper to select is among the most crucial decisions. 

From traditional paper wallpaper to peel and stick wallpaper murals, there are a ton of choices. How to know which one’s best for you?

How long you want the wallpaper to last is one factor to take into account while choosing it. Self-adhesive wallpaper murals could be as long-lasting as traditional paper wallpaper if maintained properly. 

For your mural to last as long as possible, it’s crucial to read the manufacturer’s instructions attentively and adhere to them strictly.

Easy to Apply On a Drywall Surface 

A terrific technique to quickly and easily modify the appearance of a room is to introduce a  cute flower wallpaper. There is no need for any messy pastes or glues, and installation is simple. Self-adhesive wallpaper can be easily applied to a drywall. 

However, there are some considerations you should make. Make sure you do all your research, whether you intend to install your own wallpaper or hire someone else to do it for you.

How to Apply Peel and Stick Wallpaper? 

Be aware that peel-and-stick wallpaper often sticks best to smooth, eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss finished walls. To make sure the product will adhere to the sort of walls you have, check the manufacturer’s instructions for the wallpaper.

Carefully measure the area you intend to cover in removable wallpaper to ensure you buy the right amount. Purchase a little bit extra wallpaper than you anticipate needing in order to account for mistakes and challenging spaces like windows, doors, or little nooks.

You would need the following tools for installing a removable wallpaper: 

  • Sponge or cloth
  • Pencil
  • Plastic smoothing tool
  • Utility knife
  • Mild cleaner
  • Measuring tape
  • Straightedge

To get a more detailed idea, you can always take inspiration from online DIY videos on how to apply removable wallpaper to a wall. 

Bottom Line

Although many options are available for removable wallpapers, floral wallpapers are quite popular among modern homeowners. Give your space a unique and attractive appeal with a floral wallpaper today. 

Things to Know Before Buying an HVAC System

Installing an air conditioner in your home requires proper estimation and calculation. It would help if you were sure about the appropriate size that will supply the necessary heating and ventilation into your home. The larger the air conditioning size, the larger the electricity output. Your home size will determine the building’s most suitable HVAC unit size. This will also enhance the comfort and ease you get from your home or office. Hence, it is always essential to understand your needs. This will help you to communicate better with the HVAC company. Also, if you are employing proficient HVAC services, experts may analyze the needs and requirements on your behalf.

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The Operations of the HVAC System

People often assume the HVAC system is an air conditioning unit. Meanwhile, they are different operations and meanings. The HVAC system comprises ventilation, cooling, and heating operations. On the other hand, an air conditioner only supplies a cooling effect.

The HVAC system operates through warming, circulation, and chilling principles. This is why homeowners can control their interior climate level or atmosphere. It also helps to boost residents’ performances, especially in offices. The cooling effect is also essential in the food and preservation industry. Hence, a proficient HVAC contractor’s duty cuts across several sectors.

Placing Your AC Unit at the Proper Location

During the installation process, ensure your HVAC contractor will place the AC unit rightly, without obstructing natural ventilation. Setting the AC unit appropriately will allow it to circulate across the room. It should not be placed between furniture, where there could be a disturbance. Also, the AC should not be exposed to harsh conditions like heavy rainfall. Also, the thermostat should be set in a strategic part of the room since it regulates the cooling and heating system. Ensure the thermostat is in excellent condition to read the room temperature correctly.

Choosing the Best HVAC Company

If you reside in Los Angeles County, you will find that in the long run, your preferred company’s Los Angeles air conditioning repair proficiency will determine the result you get. When you get a good HVAC contractor, it will reflect on the system performance. The work becomes much easier for you if you employ a trusted contractor. You can leave the core responsibilities to the company. However, do not neglect the importance of acquiring basic HVAC knowledge. 

There are several HVAC contractors online these days, so more homeowners are sadly falling victim to scams. This is not something any real estate investor wants to experience. You want a quality HVAC system that will allow you to resell at a higher value in the future. Research has revealed that homes with HVAC systems can increase the profit rate to about 10x worth. With this basic knowledge, you can identify if the company is providing value for the services paid for.

Choosing the Best HVAC System for You

HVAC units exist in varieties and different styles. However, you need to bear in mind that a heat pump is not a necessity like it is in past years. These days, you can work down the hallway with just the air conditioning unit. However, the most common type of HVAC system is the central unit, followed by the split type. Hence, the best HVAC contractor will make sure to fix the installation based on your roof requirements.

Home Goods Round Up

Over the weekend I visited the Home Goods in Port Chester. July is a slow month there as the fall merchandise will start arriving within the next two weeks……There were some really great sales and a few outstanding pieces. It’s worth a drive over to check it out though. Here are a few things that caught my eye…

I love this tiger print ottoman…..

IMG 5889

These blue and white ottomans are outstanding looking…

IMG 5890

How cute is this comfy pink chair…perfect for a dorm room!!!

IMG 5891

This sofa is awesome…..

IMG 5892

I flipped over this rattan coffee table..It’s very Serena and Lily!!!

IMG 5895

Loved these rattan chests too….

IMG 5896

My girls love these lights for their dorm rooms!!!

IMG 5898

I should have bought these fabulous lanterns!!!

IMG 5893

I have been dreaming about these standing lamps…I would love them for my family room!!!

IMG 5894

I also love this outdoor rattan seating set….

IMG 5888

These baskets are so popular…I see them all over..I cannot believe they had them at HG..The yellow color is awesome too!!

IMG 5900

More very on-trend rattan lamps…

IMG 5897

I never can get enough of these faux fur pillows….great for sprucing up a sofa, side chair or even bed…

IMG 5899

And for those who are ready…

IMG 5901