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Target Patio Round-Up!!

Well, the Memorial Day countdown has begun…And I am looking for a few things to spruce up my patio and cabana. Target is a wonderful source for outdoor accessories and furniture. This year they have some really great items. Here is a round-up of some of my favorite things. Click the numbers below to shop!!

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Home Good’s Round-Up

The patio/outdoor spruce has officially begun. Memorial Day is just about 1 month away and it’s crunch time. I have been recieving email after email asking for outdoor living ideas. So I decided to of course, do a Home Goods Round Up…I went to the Port Chester store yesterday and here is what I found. There were so many outdoor accessories from cushions and pillows to many decorative objects. If you go and find something great, EMAIL me.

How gorgeous are these lanterns? And the set of 3…perfection!

IMG 2684

I have to say this inlay agate chest was so beautiful in person, the photo does not do it justice. AND, love the high gloss navy!!!!

IMG 2678

For all of my Palm Beach lovers…Look at what I found..the coveted gold palm tree lamp!!! I cannot believe I left it behind…

IMG 2679

I had to..I know so many people who are going to run over after seeing this photo!!!!

IMG 2686

The mirror I featured last time is now on sale $18..Someone GO GET IT and send a photo, of course!!!!

IMG 2692

I am in love with this Rattan stool!!

IMG 2685

There were tuquoise glasses galore!!!

IMG 2687

These lucite tables were so cool.. I love that they have a pair too!

IMG 2680

If you need outdoor dining chairs..there were so many to choose from!

IMG 2691

How great is this Cuisinart fire pit?…Very sleek looking!!

IMG 2688

I love this rattan drum table..

IMG 2681

Lastly, the pillow selection was amazing…my favorite were these blue and white coordinating pillows!

IMG 2690

Anatomy Of A Scandal Interiors…

I really enjoyed the Netflix mini-series Anatomy of a Scandal. I was so impressed with the acting of Sienna Miller and of course her chic outfits! But what really stopped me in my tracks was the interiors. The Whitehouse home was perfection. I loved all the flower arrangements and plants scattered throughout. The all ivory living room was beyond gorgous. Below are some scenes from the movie. All photos are from Netflix.

I love how they used the Cole and Sons Woods wallpaper in the kitchen.

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The library is so masculine. It has so much old world charm..

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The living room is my favorite. I love the neutral color scheme with the pop of green. Also the art deco bar cart is stunning, as are the velvet chairs and glass lamps with drum shades.

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The sitting room really mixes the old with the new “look” between the demask wallpaper, the comtempry art and the large brass mantle clock…brilliant…Also love the PINK!!!


Another shot of the Living Room…so interesting how the family portraits are postiioned off center to the side of the sofa. Again, the art deco influence in the side tables and large brass coffee table are incredible!!

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Another view of the kitchen, the green color theme continues with the cabinets and Island. So pretty.

anatomy of a scandal sienna miller 3

The dining area is simply beautiful. The oil painiting centered above the banquette is fabulous. Love the exterior door and the blonde wood dining chairs.

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Home Goods Round-Up

I have owed this to you for so long. I am not sure why it has taken me so long to get to Home Goods. I was so disappointed the last few times I went so I think I kept delaying my next visit. But today did not disappoint. There were so many great things. I went to the Port Chester Home Goods today. Also, a reader told me that I have to go to Home Sense? Have you been? Send me an EMAIL and let me know what you think!!!

I really was in a yellow mood, I was drawn to a lot of yellow things in the store today but fell in love with these garden stools…perfect for someone’s patio!

IMG 2155

For the readers who asked me for some really modern-looking lounge chairs…love these!!

IMG 2150

I found these temple jars…how gorgeous are they???!!!!! The colors are amazing!

IMG 2157

And these stools…RUN DON”T WALK..they are going to go FAST!! I wish I had a place for them!!!!

IMG 2158

What a great chair for a bedroom or dressing room!!!!

IMG 2147

There were a few of these blue benches. You cannot really see the beautiful detail in the fabric but they were the perfect size for the end of the bed!!!

IMG 2146

I don’t know if it is that I am still in a Florida frame of mind but these monkey lamps really spoke to me..I could see them with some really great bright geometric shades!!

IMG 2145

Love the distressed wood and brass details of this bar cart!!

IMG 2143

Amazing color and design….

IMG 2142

Such a great for a pool house or cabana….

IMG 2165

I also loved this one..the turquoise and rattan..perfect combination!!!

IMG 2164

These agate prints were so pretty in person…A great statement for only $12.99 each!!

IMG 2163

Everyone is always asking for good-looking recliners…love the blue..also perfect for a bedroom or dressing room!!

IMG 2162

I cannot get enough of mercury glass vases. Great to have on hand to cut some branches or greens and give as a gift!!

IMG 2159

Another beautiful side table….love this color and design too.

IMG 2141

This mid-century-looking lamp is perfection…I can see it on a bar…in fact, I wish I bought it for my own bar!!!!!

IMG 2144

Spruce Up Spring…. Home Edit

I have received a bunch of emails asking for some new home accessories for readers who want to spruce up their spaces for spring. I feel your pain. After the holidays, I am always longing for a lighter look and want some fun new accessories to help achieve it. I also like to modern it up a little too. Here are some really fun items that won’t break the bank. I love them all and have a few in my own cart!

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1. This shape wine glass has been on my wish list for a while.

2. You can never have too many blue and white jars. This one is so pretty!

3. I am in love with this lamp how pretty would a pair be on either side of a console table?

4. This is such a chic sculpture. I love it on a side table. The gold color is perfection.

5. I bought these baskets for my own house. I use them for collecting everything!!!

6. These oversized pillows will look amazing for updating a sofa.

7. A friend gave me a similar one of these round pillows and I love how it looks on a side chair.

8. Everyone was looking for patio heaters last summer.. This is such a great one!!

9. Love this blue color.

10. This mirror is perfection.

11. I cannot pass up a pouf! I want this for my family room!!

12. How pretty is this mother of pearl side table/stool? LOVE IT!!!!

Meg Braff Designs

One of my favorite interior designers is Meg Braff. I fell in love with her years ago when I saw her beautiful bedroom at the Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House. I recently visited her fabulous new showroom in West Palm Beach on Georgia Ave. If you are in the South Florida/Palm Beach area, it is a must-see. The space is filled with furniture, chandeliers, lanterns, Meg Braff fabrics and wallpaper, and other fabulous pieces from mirrors to decorative objects and everything in between. Here is a sneak peek into the gorgeous space. Each room was more incredible than the next. For more information or to visit Meg’s website, click HERE.

IMG 1285
IMG 1278
IMG 1273
IMG 1270
IMG 1284
IMG 1277
IMG 1271
IMG 1269
IMG 1283
IMG 1276
IMG 1282
IMG 1275
IMG 1281
IMG 1274
IMG 1280
IMG 1279
IMG 1287
IMG 1286