10 Simple Ways To Personalize Your New Home

The expression ‘new home’ is a weird one, as more often than not, the home isn’t exactly new (even though it is new to you), and may have had several people living there before you. And while moving into a new place is a very exciting time, it can take a while for it to feel like yours – someone else did choose the decor after all!

But that feeling of being in someone else’s home won’t last long, and you’ll soon be putting your own stamp on the place. To help you out, here are 10 simple ways to personalize your new home so you can make it feel more like yours.

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1. Clean from top to bottom

It might sound strange, but sometimes a house doesn’t feel clean until you clean it yourself. And this is especially true when it comes to buying a new home. It’s time to pull up your sleeves and use some elbow grease to clean your house from top to bottom. Pay attention to all the areas that can be overlooked, such as the top of cabinets and above the doors. Use your usual cleaning products to help bring some familiar smells into your new home.

Establishing a regular cleaning routine will soon help you become familiar with your new home, 

2. Change up your entrance

A new entrance is a great way to help give your home a fresh start – think of it as a new chapter for the property. Investing in a full-service entry door replacement will transform the look of your home and give it your own personal touch. You could also add a new house number, and mailbox and dress up the front of your property with plants, flowers, and lights to give you the perfect welcome when you come through the door. 

3. Bring in a new color scheme

One of the simplest ways to transform your home is to paint it. Painting can be an affordable and simple upgrade, helping you to bring your own tastes and personality to your home. Even if it’s just temporary, some fresh paint can make a big difference and help you settle in quickly.

Check out some of this year’s hottest paint trends to help you find some color ideas for your new home.

4. Use fragrance to make it more personal to you

Never underestimate the power of fragrance. Scents are there to be enjoyed, but they can also help bring a sense of familiarity. Fill your new home with your favorite fragrances to help it feel like home. From candles to diffusers, add touches of fragrance all over your new home to enjoy that wonderful familiar feeling when you walk through the door.

5. Put up some photos and prints

Another way to help make your new home feel more like yours is to put up some photos and prints. Make them personal by choosing prints that reflect your interests, and of course – family photos. Adding these touches to your walls will soon make you feel more at ease and comfortable in your new space and is one of the ways you can achieve peak coziness in your home

6. Make changes to your window treatments

You may not have given much thought to your windows, but they are a fantastic way to transform your home. Many people leave drapes and shutters behind when they move out, but if they’re not to your taste, then switching them up can make a big difference to how your space looks. Explore some window dressing ideas to give you some inspiration.

7. Refresh your flooring

Unless you’re moving into a home with some luxury wooden floors or tiles, you may want to think about refreshing your flooring when you move into your new space. A fresh new floor feels wonderful, especially when you choose a fluffy new carpet. It can also make your home feel newer, as though nobody else has lived there. 

If new flooring isn’t an option for you, you can always use a carpet cleaner or hire some professional carpet cleaners to help you restore your home’s carpet to its former glory. 

8. Add some houseplants and flowers (or a pet)

Plants and flowers bring some life into your home, which can instantly make it feel warmer and more inviting. You might need to move them around to help find the right space for your houseplants to thrive. You could also consider getting a pet if you don’t have one already – they make excellent companions and will soon turn your house into a home. 

9. Focus on changing one room

Making big changes to your home can become very expensive, especially when you factor in your moving costs. Instead of trying to change every room, why not focus on changing one room? This will give you at least one space that will truly feel your own after your move, and will soon be followed by others. You can move through your home, complete one room at a time to fit your budget and schedule and enjoy getting to know your new home in the process.

10. Start making memories

Finally, the simplest way to personalize your new home is to start making memories in it. From family dinners to parties or even your regular weekend movie night, your new home is just waiting for you to start enjoying it. While you may have fond memories of your previous home, it’s time to start a new chapter and make the most of it with your family.

Moving into a new home can feel unfamiliar and strange – especially during those first weeks and months. When you move into somewhere that’s been lived in before, it can almost feel as though you’re still living in someone else’s house. But making some changes to personalize your home will soon make it feel more familiar, and in no time at all will feel like home. Your home may not be brand new, but it will be to you, and it’s important that you make it feel like your own.

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