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Investments To Make For A Nicer Time at Home…

There is no place like home…..

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Many of us have found ourselves spending more and more time at home over the past few months. Sure, this may largely be at the hands of the pandemic and restrictions may well be loosening now, meaning we can now spend more time out of the house doing things that we used to do. But for many of us, staying in will be a large part of our lifestyles going forwards as things are still relatively uncertain. Chances are, over the past few months, you’ve been making some changes and investments to make your home life more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re looking for some more, here are a few suggestions that you might like to take into consideration!


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Nowadays, fewer and fewer of us have actual television sets in our homes. Instead, many of us are simply using our laptops instead. But when it comes down to it, if you’re going to sit back and watch a film or a series, it’s much more enjoyable on a large screen, rather than your small laptop screen. You may also want to consider what kind of services you have on your television, or, if you’re not going to invest in one, the services that you use on your laptop. You might want to take a look at this IPTV tutorial from Troypoint. You could also consider streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and more.

Cushions and Throws

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Sure, we may be in the midst of summer. But during the colder evenings, or on the occasional rainy day, it really is nice to get cuddled up on the sofa. Whether that’s to watch TV, read a book, or have a chat with whoever is with you. Make sure to have plenty of cushions and throws to make yourself as cosy as possible! There are so many different options out there that there’s bound to be something that will not only provide you with comfort, but that will also perfectly fit in with your interior design too!


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You’re not going to want bright lights blaring at all times when you’re trying to relax. Why not invest in some nice lamps or lampshades that will give your room a softer and more comfortable glow instead? Lighting really can make all the difference to the atmosphere of any space. So, make sure to take your time choosing it out and to invest in it. Again, there are plenty of options out there that will complement your living space aesthetically – so it’s not simply a practical investment either!

These are just a few small changes that you could make to your living space to make it a nice area to spend time in at the moment. Hopefully, at least one can be added to your home to make everything more enjoyable for now!

Fete Home 4th of July Sale….2 Days only

One of my favorite home decor and tabletop sites is having a two-day flash sale with 20% off sitewide. Fete Home has been one of my favs, for a while now. All of their pieces are so well curated by the founders..if you missed my post on them re-read it HERE. In the meanwhile here is a sampling of some of their chic wears….Check out their entire assortment at

Fairfield Antique & Design Center

One of my favorite places opened back up and it is the perfect place for a little social distance, mask-wearing browsing….The Fairfield Antique & Design Center is a gem not too far away in Norwalk. I have to say that the dealers who display in their booths there have the most amazingly curated selection of antique goods. They are really great about always changing up their merchandise so it is not the same place twice!! I stopped by last Saturday and picked up a few treasures. I really had to restrain myself…there were some really really good things. I just kept snapping photos….. I have to say as far as antique wears go, you can pick up some really fabulous pieces as all their prices are extremely fair. It’s worth a drive. Happy Antiquing….

There was a great selection of chic iron outdoor furniture and this basket bag was really the cutest…I should have brought it home with me!!!

If you need throw pillows..the selection was one of the best that I’ve seen

Love those modern bar stools…and artwork

And I love these modern chairs too and this cool black and white artwork…

The selection of wicker items was really unique…I loved the thermos…I am sooo mad that I left it behind…

I love everything in this photo…the Gracie Wallpaper screen, the turquoise garden stool and the bamboo cane corner bench

I loved everything at this vendor, the green stools, the metal pagoda lantern and the French ice bucket/cooler were so hard to leave behind…

How gorgeous are these bamboo shelves?

These brass dragon candleholders are sooo chic….

I fell in love with the quills in the silver cups…

The vintage Americana selection was beautiful…

There is a beautiful collection of vintage bags…

How gorgeous is this Dolce coat..Betsy…are you seeing this….

There was a great selection of designer shoes and fashion coffee table books….

These foo dogs are gorgeous…


It was soo hard for me to leave this gorgeous goddess behind..

There were so many beautiful Asian statues…the turquoise was my favorite…

These lanterns were so gorgeous in person..they would look so great on either side of the fireplace….

The center was filled with decorative objects

Home Goods Round-Up….The Local Edition….

Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOME GOODS in NY has opened again!!!!! Our Port Chester Home Goods opened yesterday. My friend Alicia went and sent me some great photos (the one above for example) and I knew I needed to go and do a round-up. I would RUN if you are local. They had a great selection of EVERYTHING>>>>>>>except for beach towels (I went looking for my friend Katie!!!!!). But they did tell me that they were putting more things out everyday….OMG!!! And the prices are great…actually more than great…tons and tons of clearance prices……It’s all going to go fast so get up and GO!!!!!!!

These garden stools were fabulous!!! And there was a pair…..

More outdoor pagodas!

There were a bunch of these cool mid-century looking side tables!

These orange studded nesting tables were gorgeous!! There also was a set of white…..

How amazing is this teak bench!!!??

This small navy and grass cloth chest is out of this world, and look…$49!!!!

There was a pair of these gorgeous bamboo loveseats….

The fabulous mirror from the Westport location was also here…

I was dying over this gold bamboo floor lamp….

This mid-century modern chest was gorgeous in person…

Such a great outdoor set!!!

This bench would be a great size for the end of the bed…and I loved the pattern….

Here is an image of the pattern up close….

This lemon melamine set is perfect for summer outdoor training…

These light blue garden stools would look perfect on a patio….

As I was checking out, the lady in front of me was buying this incredible whale beverage cooler…..

This chair was beautiful….I love the wooded beaded arms and legs…it would look great in any room…

How cool are these planters?

And lastly, these planters were my favorite…You should see them in person……

Back Country Mercantile

If you have been following me for a while then you know how much I love to set a table!!! I cannot get enough of festive plates and colored glasses. That is why my friendship with Amanda from Back Country Mercantile is a match made in heaven. She is so talented and curates heirloom tabletop items such as glasses, flatware, china, and other decorative items or “Celebrating Les arts de la table”, as she likes to say!!!!. Amanda is currently working on her own line of gorgeous glassware so stay tuned for a post on its debut later in the year!!! Meanwhile, I have showcased some of her beautiful items for you, mostly everything is available on her WEBSITE. I was so lucky to be able to visit her showroom in backcountry Greenwich this week and pick out some of my own goodies. I also LOVE her INSTAGRAM for tablescape design inspiration. Definitely take a look and follow her!!! Bon Weekend!!!!

Here is Amanda’s newest collection, the “Patriotic Heart”…already in love!!!

This vintage place setting is reminds me of something my grandmother use to own!!!

Here is one display of some of her vintage glass wear!

More Vintage china….it is soo much like my grandmother’s wedding china!!!

More patriotic love!!!!! Love how she incorporated the glasses and vase too!!!

A cake plate is the next thing on my Back Country Mercantile wish list!!!

Love this Fenton vintage ribbon cake plate, I have a similar one that is ages old!!!!

I am sooooo close to ordering one of these adorable fruit dishes…Fabulous for sure!!!

I have a soft spot for milk glass, these sunflowers look so beautiful..sometimes is really is all about the container!!!

Amanda’s out of this world milk glass collection!!!

These are what I chose..I love this pattern it is called “Eye Winkler” by Fenton in the aqua…..It was really hard to choose just one pattern…Amanda tells me that most of her clients mix and match patterns for their table….hmmmmmmmmm something new for me to try!!!!!!!!!

What a great color…..I love the way Amanda styles her pieces….

She also has a beautiful collection of vintage tea cups and saucers.

Home Goods Round-Up

On Saturday my good friend Kelley and I decided to take a trip to the Westport Home Goods. Since our local stores will not open for a couple of more weeks, we thought it would be fun to see what the Connecticut stores had to offer. We made it in right before a line formed (its one in and one out and masks are required). The store was pretty crowded so it was hard to get good photos. I had to snap quickly and I could not arrange the items as nicely as I would have liked but I did find a bunch of things so I hope this gives you some decorating ideas. I cannot wait to do a follow up post when our New York locations open.

This was a great smaller shelving unit…it would be perfect in a home office..

I went looking for a cool rattan outdoor table, no luck but I did find a bunch of rattan planters and candle holders. I wish I brought that one on the right home with me!!! It was so good looking in person.

I also loved the look of this standing planter, it would be great painted a fun color!

I am in desperate need of a small decorative light for the bar cart in my dining room. I fell in love with this but really wanted something taller.

These lamps were a much better option for a bar cart but they looked so good as a pair that I decided to keep looking…

I am really into the blue and white look these days..there were a ton of options…

The mirror selection was out of this world…I fell in love with this mirror…it would look good in so many places….

There were also a bunch of plastic glasses for outdoor friend Betsy would have LOVED those bee glasses but they only had 4..I’m on the lookout for a bigger set for her!!!!! Also, I’m dying to try the silicone stemless wine glasses..they were $8 for a set of 4!!!!!!!!

I don’t know how I passed up this oval was fabulous!!!!

How cute is this outdoor love seat!!!???

There was something about this mother of pearl cabinet that stood out for would be so great in a pool house or a beach house…

Of course you know I cannot resist an asian garden stool!!!

They had a large assortment of garden pagodas. These would also look incredible painted fun colors and placed on a patio. They also had solar lights built in…

My friend from Miami posted these cane design glasses and I immediately fell in love…they also had those beautiful pink greek key glasses.

This cane light would look perfect on a porch or covered patio….they are really hard to find so I was surprised to see it there….

There was something about this artwork that caught my eye…the photo really does not do it justice…they are polished rocks framed in a shadow box and really stunning in person…I wish I had a place for these…sooooo cool!!!!

I cannot resist a bamboo mirror either…this one was a great size…

and lastly there are no words to how beautiful this mirror was..I hope someone goes back and buys it…..