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Daily Archives: March 26, 2021

Flowers So Gorgeous, you will not believe where these designs appeared…..

A few weeks ago a friend introduced me to Cassandra Held of Cassandra Held Designs. I was looking for a florist to work on a project with me and Cassandra’s name came up because of her unique and uber fabulous arrangements. I flipped over her designs from the moment that I contacted her. I knew already that most of her clientele was mostly pretty high-profile projects and very influential and creative people. What I did not know, until much later, was that she also provided arrangements for the Met Gala. MY FAVORITE!!!! Remember the night I went…well sort of…As if I had not already fallen in love with her beautiful creations..I then became obsessed. I had to meet her. Luckily Cassandra is relocating closer to Westchester shortly and she is going to have a pop-up at the Westchester Mall every weekend from now until Mother’s Day on the 1st floor right across from Sephora. I went last weekend and bought a gorgeous preserved rose arrangement, for a dear friend and the really pretty silver orb vase with the pink and green plant for myself. I see it on my desk every morning and I literally have never loved an arrangement so much. It is so simple yet so dramatic. It just puts me in the best mood every time I look at it. I am sure you will find me at Cassandra’s pop-up one of the next couple of weekends, or maybe even tomorrow!!!

Here is my beautiful perfect little arrangement!!!

IMG 6226

This preserved pink rose is so simple yet so impactful at the same time! I am going to buy some of these for gifts. They last forever.

IMG 6790

The colors in this arrangement are so vibrant…really simple but such a statement!

IMG 6789

This is just so cool…I love the shape these blooms take in that container nothing else is needed…

IMG 6791

Again…I love these colors, the orange and green just pop!! Also the greens add a really cool texture to this piece.

IMG 6792

Another breathtaking arrangement with such vibrant colors and texture..

IMG 6793

Here is the fabulous little preserved rose arrangement I bought for my friend. I chose this one because the natural look of the wood branch halo and gold stones just made it look so perfect for any decor, from traditional to mid-century modern to my favorite Hollywood Regency!!!

IMG 6166