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Fashionable Friend Friday

Ok peeps, this week’s fashionable friend Friday is OPRAH!!!!   I love Oprah but especially this time of year!!!!   Why?  Because she unveiled her Favorite Things this week!!!  Here is the round-up of some of my favorite Oprah’s favorite things:

This is the second year that Susan Hanover earrings were featured on Oprah’s list.  I love Susan’s designs and were thrilled to see them back again!! For 20% off use the promo code: OPRAH on
This is something I plan on sending my own parents, the Elvis cake.  

The next thing I loved was the Andre (Oprah’s long time hair stylist) Hair Experience Kit

I think this is the most adorable thing for our furry friends

My mom gave these to my girls last year for Christmas and they have been a huge hit all year.  This printer lets you print out selfies and photos from your phone!!!

Lafco candles have been my absolute favorite FOREVER…so I would like to check out this collection

I love this set of coasters, with a ton of images to choose from, would look great on a bar cart for the Holidays!!

Oprah claims that these lipglosses stay on forever!!!

This is a cool prize, imagine having all these nail polishes.  Oprah says this reminds her of the big box of Crayola crayons that she used to get at Christmastime as a young girl!!!

My husband loves to cook on the weekends and this salt set would be the perfect thing for him.

My daughter LOVES rose gold and would love these vests.

This light up phone case helps to enhance your selfies!!  My girls would die for this!!!!

I also really like these wedge Ugg boots.  They bring their classic style boot to the next level!

Click here for more of Oprahs Favorite Things 2015!

Cheese Crackers

Recently all talk has been about Thanksgiving, who’s hosting, what’s being served and if anyone has any new ideas to share.  I came across this vintage recipe, that is a perfect appetizer for your holiday feast; easy, light and crunchy, a real crowd pleaser.  I am going to have my daughters do a dry run this weekend, to see if they make the cut.  I will keep you posted!!


adapted from


2 cups all purpose flour
1 pinch salt
1 1/2 teaspoons red pepper
1 pound cheddar cheese, grated, room temperature
1 cup unsalted butter or margarine
2 cups rice crispies

Pre-heat over to 350 degrees

Combine flour, salt, red pepper, in a large bowl, add cheddar cheese.  Toss until cheese is coated.  Pour in melted butter, stir until mixture is moist and crumbly.  Add rice cereal and knead by hand until dough is well blended.

Roll dough into small 1/2 inch balls, arrange on a baking sheet.  Flatten each ball with a fork.

Bake until light and crispy, about 30 minutes

PB Travel

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Margherita Blanc (see link below) of PB Travel.  I was so impressed with, not only her travel expertise, but the wonderful items she and her associate, Martha Muguerza, were able to curate for their company PB Travel.  The company was founded based upon the research and belief that today’s travelers have “heightened needs for a personal sense of comfort, security and hygiene.”  The PB website is chock full of fun and cool travel accessories, and luxury items, including a fabulous limited edition jewelry line.  The horn necklace, featured below, is one of my favorites!!!!   The “MyBunjee” cell phone holder is a great gift for girls and boys of all ages to attach their phone to their backpacks, or to use while skiing, skateboarding, boating or running!!  No more broken screens!!!  Or to keep from losing your phone at the bottom of your bag.  The “Grid-It” organizer is great to hold all your electronic gadgets and accessories.  It is perfect not only for air travel, but to keep in your briefcase while commuting or running from class to class on campus.  How about their bright initial luggage tags, the perfect thing to spot your luggage among all the black suitcases on the carousel.  The list goes on and on.  The site is a great place to hunt for stocking stuffers and unique and oh so useful gifts, for those who really do have everything.  To visit the PB Travel website, click HERE.

Margherita’s interview on Up To The Minute with Nicole:

Book Club Monday

Even though I love the great American novel but I cannot resist anything to do with Pop Culture.  That is why I am dying to read Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.  Leah Remini is supposed to dish on her 30 plus years in the Church of Scientology.  All the stories are in there Tom, Nicole, Katie, Suri and so many more.  The book is released tomorrow and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!  To order the book, click HERE.


Happy Halloween

Now this is what I call a Halloween Party!!!  Enjoy and be safe everyone!!!!


Fashionable Friend Friday

This week’s Fashionable Friend Friday is someone I met a short time ago.  She was recommended to me because I LOVE cool unique jewelry lines and Ilyse Ennis of Ilyse’s Pieces creates some of the most beautiful around.  Once I saw her diamond and gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I was hooked.  Her price point is right on and in most cases much lower than, what else is out there, for double the quality and design.  Ilyse only sells via word of mouth, so consider this one of the BEST tips I have given you all year.  All of her pieces are one of a kind, and if you can catch one of her shows (schedule below), you will not be disappointed.  For more information visit Ilyse’s website HERE.  She also has a facebook page HERE.

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