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Thanksgiving Dressing

What to wear on Turkey day? I love the fall colors in this outfit. It is going to look great next to the the bird, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie!!!Thanksgiving Dressing

Jewels of the Season

Since Thansgiving is only a few days away….here are some jewels to go with your harvest color theme. Ambers, browns, citrines, they are all here!!Jewels of the Season

Black Flats

What’s more necessary in a busy lady’s closet than a great pair of black flats. If they are your everyday shoes, commuting shoes or kick back weekend shoes…these are sure to dazzle your wardrobe!!!!Black Flats

A Fashionable Friend

Recently I met one of my closest friends for a tour day at one of the local schools. Both of us were going to get a feel for the classrooms from a current parent’s perspective. We had a great time and our hostesses were so gracious. Most of all, don’t you love my BBF’s outfit. Perfect for the rainy day that met us. The most fun about these fashionable friend posts is that I hope my friends can guess which one is them!!!!!!! A Fashionable Friend

Lovely Lamps

As I am continuing to spruce up my house for the 36 guests I will have for Thanksgiving, I am thinking of new lamps. Buying new lamps for your home can quickly update a room to a more modern look. All of these are so gorgeous, it is very difficult to choose. Lovely Lamps

Identity Theft—–YIKES

My husband and I were victims of Identity Theft. Someone got a hold of my husband’s amex number and found out personal info from a computer search. BE CAREFUL readers..tis the season. Watch your card and bank activity daily. Sign up for credit card/bank alerts. Report any strange activity. It could make a world of difference. Identity Theft-----YIKES