Book Club Monday

Today’s Book Club Monday choice is The Lonely House: A Biography of Emily Dickinson.  I recently saw the independent biopic A Quiet Passion about the life of this American Poet.  The movie was based upon this book, among others.  Emily Dickinson was fascinating..I love learning more about her, her life and her writings. The book goes like this: 

During her lifetime, Emily Dickinson did not seek out recognition or attempt to change the world around her, even in the smallest way. A private but not antisocial person, she kept her life’s work, and her innermost feelings, almost entirely to herself. Her life was rich in intellectual pursuits, and she had many friends with whom she exchanged witty and brilliant letters, but she rarely left the town of her birth. From the early 1860s onward, she became essentially a recluse. After her death in 1886, it was only the good judgment of her sister Lavinia that preserved the more than 1,700 poems Dickinson had secretly produced. Her poetry was so intensely individual that it immediately captivated a national audience. More than a century later, her special genius continues to surprise readers young and old.

For more information or to purchase this book, click HERE.

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