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We are currently in the throes of the teenage girl years in my house.  Which means a lot of screen and phone time.  I recently started reading Girls Just Want To Have Like: How To Raise Confident Girls in the Face of Social Media Madness  by Laurie Wolk.  Though technology has taken us so far, sometimes socially it can be so difficult to navigate.  I am so happy to have found this book.  Below, is a description of what Laurie Wolk has to say.  This title is available right now on Kindle for $2.99 and FREE for Kindle Unlimited if you click HERE.  Happy Reading!!!!

Does your daughter pay more attention to Instagram than she does to you? Do you wish you could stop social media from taking over your home? You’re not alone. Girls today are in the midst of a crisis of confidence and communication, and the screens they bury their faces in 24/7 are a big part of the problem. 

Instead of getting input and insight from you, your daughter is learning life lessons from mentors like the Kardashians and Instagram “stars” whose heavily edited photos and glamorized posts leave your daughter feeling badly about herself and second-guessing her life. 

Physical and psychological changes in adolescent girls’ brains—mixed with the impact of social media—leave girls feeling lackluster about themselves and uncomfortable communicating in real life. Parents feel powerless and paralyzed by the fear that their daughters will suffer from low self-esteem and lack leadership and communication skills necessary to thrive in the real world. 

Where the books American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers and Queen Bees and Wannabees shined a powerful light on girl culture, Girls Just Want to Have Likes takes things one step further and offers an antidote for parents to stop the Social Media Madness. 

Girls Just Want to Have Likes gives you the tools to: 

  • Create a Family Media Usage Agreement everyone can agree to.

  • Better understand the social media landscape.

  • Bring the fun back into your family life.

  • Put the values and beliefs that your family stands for into action.

  • Build your daughter’s leadership skills at home.

  • Heal your own childhood wounds so you can be a better role model.

  • Teach your daughter how to communicate “in real life.”

  • Embrace mistakes and use a growth mindset.

  • Incorporate positive intentions into your daily life
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