Are You Redi for A Pedi?

I am so excited to introduce you to our new sponsor Redi Pedi, a shoe designed with a Pedi in mind…OMG!!! I LOVE this!!!!!  Jacqueline Segura is the designer who came up with the concept.  It is so brilliant, a flat shoe with a collapsible front and adjustable Velcro strap.  It is the one pair shoes that you can wear before and after your pedicure.  No more walking in the rain or snow in your flip flops or no more smudged toes in regular shoes.  The Redi Pedi makes the perfect gift, AND just in time for mother’s day!!!!  How perfect would a pair of these be bundled with a pedicure at your local salon.  Trust me it is the BEST gift for your mom or your bestie!!!  For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

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