Are You Pantry Ready?

I get tons of emails, texts from readers complaining that putting dinner on the table night after night is sooo challenging.  Everyone is running out of ideas.  I feel you for sure!!!!  Yesterday, I went to the most amazing cooking demonstration at K’s Kitchen.  My friend Karen does a weekly cooking class where you gather with friends and she makes 3 family friendly, easy entrees, with sides and even throws in a starter and dessert.  Everyone eats what she makes and takes notes on the printed recipes she provides.  What a great idea.  Karen is helping us to bring family dinner back!!!!!  We loved watching Karen at her craft.  She sure has a knack for cooking and chopping!!!!!  Karen says a stocked pantry is key to getting the nightly meals on the table.  She kindly shared her coveted list with us. For more information on K’s Kitchen or to get in touch with Karen, contact her,

Pantry/Fridge Essentials:
2 cans of chick peas/garbanzo beans
Jarred anchovies in oil
Jarred hearts of palm (I like Sun Pix brand from Costco)
2 large cans crushed San Marzano Tomatoes
1 15oz can tomato sauce
1 15oz can diced tomatoes
Peanut butter, smooth and chunky
Vinegars; champagne, balsamic, red wine, cider, rice
Good olive oil, extra virgin for salads and regular for cooking
Tahini (great in dips, sauces, stir fry)
Olives; black, Spanish, kalamata
Organic stock; chicken, beef & vegetable
Real maple syrup
Coarse kosher salt
Water chestnuts
Different shaped pastas
Different grains; rice, farro, Israeli couscous, lentils
Nut assortment; sliced almonds, walnuts, pine nuts
Soy Vay Teriyaki 
Sriracha sauce
Fresh Mozzarella
Thomas’ English Muffins
Peeled garlic
Plain Organic Greek Yogurt
Cherry tomatoes, I like the assorted colors
Hearts of romaine
Lots of lemons
Hothouse cucumbers
Fresh grated parm (June & Ho is my favorite for parm)
Fresh shaved parm
Fish sauce
Follow Your Heart Veganaise (Whole Foods)
Freezer Essentials:
2 dozen pounded chicken breasts (some butchers will shrinkwrap them so they are ready for the freezer)
2 lbs ground chicken
Assorted beef; steaks, ground beef
Sausage: sweet, hot, breakfast links and discs
Dorot frozen garlic, red chili and ginger
1 bag frozen tail on uncooked but cleaned shrimp (Costco)

1 bag frozen cooked shrimp (Costco)

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