The Blog Sale Continues

My first Blog Sale was such a success.  I thought I would help my sponsor sell a few fur wraps but within 2 months more than 50 pieces sold. Due to popular demand, the sale will continue so no one misses out.  These are simply gorgeous.  The exact same wrap is available at Saks online for over $800.  The special wholesale price for my readers is $250.  They are incredible. The available colors are featured below.  Also please contact me with any questions or to order

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  1. Unknown | 22nd Nov 16

    They're lovely and great price too. What brand are they?

  2. Unknown | 22nd Nov 16

    This is nice post. Great to hear that you got a huge discount before black friday.

  3. nicolesteinthal | 22nd Nov 16

    Thanks so much @matthayden…It is a great discount!!

    @ Karoliina Kazi they are a private label from a fur company in Milano!!!!!

  4. Mimi | 22nd Nov 16

    It's not bad at all considering these are usually high priced!

  5. Jasmin | 22nd Nov 16

    These look so wonderful! Loving that first one 🙂

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  6. maikel | 23rd Nov 16

    Loving these fashion items. The colors totally inspire me

  7. Meg R | 23rd Nov 16

    I got the taupe one. It's gorgeous and the clasp keeps it on my shoulders for hands-free fabulous! Thx Nicole.

    Hope you can keep the NS Lifestyles deals coming!!


  8. Anonymous | 8th Jan 17

    I got the purple one and wore it a few times over the holidays! Love it. Thanks Nicole!

  9. nicolesteinthal | 9th Jan 17

    So happy you love your Susan!!! The purple is my favorite too!!!!!!

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