A Very Real Relationship Issue Sent To Me By A Reader…

A reader asked me to post this as it was something that happened to her husband in the workplace and she thought her life was over. After a very very long struggle, she wrote this important article. I thought it was too important and too real not to share it with you…

A false accusation of molestation can hurt your credibility at work. It can affect your social standing as friends, neighbors, and acquaintances consider you a sinister person. But your relationship is the most serious concern in this situation. Your spouse or partner may not trust you anymore, at least not until you prove your innocence. But you can do your bit to clear your position and rebuild your relationship. It can take a lot of effort to convince your significant other about your innocence. But it is only a small price to save your bond and win the trust of your partner. Luckily, rebuilding your relationship after a false accusation is easy, provided you are committed to rebuilding it. Here are some tips to help.

Explain your story

Nothing is more important than explaining your side of the story to your spouse when facing a false allegation of molestation. Start an honest conversation with them, no matter how difficult it seems. Describe what led to the event and the possible reason the accuser had to bring up the allegation. If you were tempted to cheat on them, be upfront, apologize, and clear the situation. They will probably see your honesty if you try to persuade them with commitment and truth. Do not hesitate to speak the truth because it is far better than lying to cover yourself.

Gather evidence

Having evidence can add weight to your story, so gather as much as possible before starting the conversation with your partner. You can look for small but valuable pieces to prove the fallacy of the allegations. Maybe, the accuser brought the complaint because you did not respond to their moves. You can show text messages, emails, or phone conversation recordings to validate their actions. Likewise, look for visual evidence such as CCTV footage to establish your truth. 

Get witnesses

Witnesses can take you the extra mile while proving your innocence. If the charges came at your workplace, you may request colleagues to speak to your spouse and vouch for your good behavior. You may even ask your HR manager to discuss the matter with your partner. Anyone who can provide testimony about your truth can be a valuable resource for saving your relationship. Explain your situation, and people who know you will be happy to help. 

Fortify your legal defense

A strong legal defense can be the game-changer when it comes to saving your name and reputation after a false molestation accusation. Besides protecting you from penalty or jail time, it can also help you salvage your relationship. You must get in touch with a sex crimes attorney right after the accusation. Even better, take your partner along for the attorney meetings so that they have a clear view of your case. Getting a clean chit from the court is enough proof of your innocence, so you will not have to worry much about convincing your partner. 

Restore  normalcy in your relationship

Getting your partner on your side is also about restoring normalcy in your relationship. The road may be challenging, but it is worth making an effort. Resuming normalcy is all the more crucial if you have kids in the family. The last thing you want to have is an unhappy family where kids suffer because their parents seem to be on the opposite side. Talk to each other to maintain the connection. Spend time together, plan family outings, and work to bring intimacy back into the relationship. The more you bond as partners, the better things are likely to get. 

Focus on bringing the trust back

Rebuilding your relationship after a crisis is not a one-time task. It is an ongoing effort where you have to focus on bringing the trust back into the bond. Be truthful about the court proceedings and the internal investigations in your company. You may face challenges during the journey, but seek support from your partner rather than hide facts from them. They may actually help you make a strong comeback with financial and emotional support during the legal process.

Your relationship should be a priority when dealing with a false molestation charge. The allegation is serious, and it is natural for your partner to suspect you and resent the situation initially. They may feel cheated and sad, but you can do your bit to help them get through the emotional pain and trauma. Your relationship is worth the hard work, and you must not give up on it, no matter how challenging the circumstances are. Believe in yourself and your love! 

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