A guaranteed good night’s sleep with a warm quilt.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise, being called into the office and being given a promotion and salary increase. It might just allow you to take that first step onto the property ladder, but in the meantime, you decide that you’ll spend some of the cash on some improvements to your current apartment after speaking to a friend who offered you a great tip.

As the cold spell approaches, you want to ensure that you are comfortable each evening and that you are in peak condition to continue your career progress. You decide to order a couple of warm winter quilts to help you in your quest.

There’s no nicer feeling in the world than getting into bed at the end of a long day and feeling warm and comfortable. Forget those days when your bed sheets became untucked which caused you to become restless sleep far too often when a quilt made of natural alpaca fibres will keep you snug and enable you to relax, to have hours of quality time in bed. 

Buying from a company with over 75 years as a mill that has supported charities throughout its existence and supports the Australian farming industry is another good reason to feel good about your selection. It even offers the opportunity of visiting the mill so that you can see the quality products being made with your own eyes before purchasing from the store. That must be better than just selecting something from a huge store that doesn’t know the specifics of what they’re selling. At the same time, you also decide to read up about how to achieve peak cosiness in your home.

There is no danger of the filling bunching or moving about like some quilts when choosing the top-of-the-range Regal Dual Quilt from among the selection on offer, as its fibres are stitched internally. Consistent warmth is provided wherever the quilt is on the body, with more air being trapped than in other products as a luxurious sleeping experience is guaranteed. 

Cleaning the quilt is carried out through a dry clean, keeping it in pristine condition, while allowing regular sunlight to shine on it will help its maintenance and longevity. Handily, the product is available in 5 different sizes from one suitable for a single bed, to double, Queen and King sizes and finally a Super King Size, which at 270cm x 240cm will cover even the largest of beds. They are the perfect quilts to climb under after enjoying a top after-work walk in the city.

Other warm winter quilts are available to suit all budgets, meaning they provide great value for money, especially when considering the associated health benefits that are provided by a regular and good night’s sleep each day.

Choosing an Australian-made warm winter quilt made from the fibres of alpaca wool ensures a comfortable sleep every time with its high quality ensuring a regular temperature to keep out those winter chills.

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