A Garden Walk

Today was a first for me..I went on the Rye Garden Club’s Garden Walk.  It was amazing!!!  I have always been into interiors so naturally House Tours are right up my alley.  I love flowers and filling my ceramic pots but the adornment for my outdoors ends there.  I plant a few things each year but I have no talent in the horticultural arena!!!!  Well, I cannot begin to tell you the splendor we witnessed today.  Every home that was showcased had an owner whose passion was landscape design and gardening.  And boy it showed……I am making this event a must do every year…….You have to see for yourself!!!!!

There was a definite uniform for this special day, think cute flats, adorable dresses & tops and fashionable straw hats…

This double arch side garden was breathtaking!!!

Most of the homes had gorgeous stone patios.  Notice the marble dolphin console, dark wicker love seat and the Asian garden stools…perfection!

The Koi ponds sighhhhhh….the most incredible I have ever seen…with fountains too!

How cute are my friends waiting for me to get my photos but this arch really was amazing!!!  Perfect for a photo op.

This was a contained Blueberry Garden!!
 This was the most magnificently impressive vegetable garden, I have ever seen, I swear there were about 5 types of lettuces growing!!!

 There are just no words to how regal this looked in person!

We all loved these garden statues!!

I just fell in love with this look…in person, it was just incredible…

The view was one of the best I have seen in this area..someone commented that from certain angles and with the majestic garden decor she felt like she was in Lake Cuomo!!!

I am in awe of the Purple Balls of Allium.  Everyone could not stop oohhhing and ahhhing!!!!
This porch had the most amazing, largest ferns all around…and you cannot see, but on the console inside were the most gorgeous Wooden asian looking trees flanking each side….Divine!!!!!

This weathered iron chair is just the BEST!!!!

There was just something so perfect about this pool house!!
This sprawling lawn was incredible..I have never seen such a majestic line up of trees!!!  You REALLY needed to see this in person……

And, still, with a lot to be desired, I was able to bring home some beauty of the garden walk with me….a gorgeous ceramic cobalt container garden designed by the “Garden Guru”, Kent Russell himself!!!..A least it’s a start….

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