A Confidence Boost for the New Year..

It’s a new year, so why don’t you get into the spirit of things and make a fresh start on yourself? Too many people – especially women – suffer from self-confidence issues. For whatever reason, you don’t feel totally comfortable in yourself, and you lack confidence. Well, you’re about to see a few subtle ways you can change this and feel far more confident in 2021 and beyond! I have also incorporated a bunch of daily swipe ups on my Instagram stories, of current, fashion, beauty, and health items to keep you feeling the best you can be all year round.

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Improve your smile

A smile says a lot about a person – people who smile a lot are often seen as very confident. However, you may avoid smiling or smile with your mouth shut because you don’t like your teeth. They could be stained or wonky, becoming a major cause of your confidence issues. You can change this in a couple of subtle ways. Firstly, consider some clear braces to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Then, get some home teeth whitening kits to get rid of the stains. In a few weeks, you’ll have a straight smile with white teeth! Now, you feel more inclined to smile all the time, boosting your confidence to the high heavens. 

And if you’ve got gum issues, you can sort out gum diseases with the dentist in Williamsburg.

Dress to impress…yourself!

We’re all guilty of getting caught up in different fashion trends now and then. Younger women and teens are probably more inclined to do this than others. In essence, you see certain fashion items become popular, which makes you go out and buy them. You’re dressing to try and stay fashionable and impress others, but you may not feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. In turn, this leads to confidence issues as you’re wearing clothes and thinking ‘oh boy, I really can’t pull something like this off.’ The simple fix is to dress to impress one person only: yourself! Wear clothes that you like and that make you feel comfortable. That’s the key to self-confidence: feel comfortable in your skin and the confidence will flow. 

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Change your hairstyle

Giving yourself a change of hairstyle is another excellent way to feel more confident. It’s this idea that you make a change and almost feel like a new person. This might mean giving yourself a fringe, cutting your hair shorter, dying it blonde, etc. Doing something different can help you feel like you’re turning a page and starting a new chapter in your life. Plus, the benefit of making a hairstyle change is that people notice it right away. Especially if it’s an obvious change – like dying your hair or switching up the style. This leads to lots of compliments that act as positive reinforcement for you! It’s great to see so many people comment on how cute your new hair is – it fills you with confidence. 

You see, confidence can be found with just a few subtle changes. Mostly, it’s about identifying the main causes of your self-consciousness. Sadly, for most of us, the causes tend to revolve around the way we look. So, a change to different aspects of your looks can help you iron out self-consciousness and feel a lot more positive.

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