7 Reasons to buy a CBD oil sleep tincture ASAP!

CBD oil sleep tinctures are an excellent solution for healing insomnia and attaining peace. This article explores some reasons to buy a CBD oil sleep tincture. Cannabidiol oil and tinctures are often used interchangeably. Though similar in some sense, they differ in meaning. CBD oil, extracted from cannabis plants, is mixed and blended with other carrier oils such as coconut oil, hemp oil, etc. Sometimes, mixing essential oils, terpenes, and other flavonoids in the oil makes it more consumable. CBD tincture on the other hand uses alcohol. 

What are CBD oil tinctures?

CBD tinctures refer to dropper bottles that contain CBD oils. The tincture uses alcohol as the base and solvent from the extraction stage till the final product. Using 60-70 percent of alcohol in the solution makes the mixture bitter. Mixing sweeteners and other flavors make the solution less intense and more consumable.

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Using CBD oil or tinctures depends on a person’s choice, sensitivity, objectives, and taste. The main difference in both the products is the ingredients mixed in the solution. While oil has fewer ingredients, tinctures contain more ingredients. If you don’t like alcohol-based extract and the bitter flavor puts you off, then CBD oil is for you. And if your stomach is sensitive to ingestion oils and can bear a certain amount of alcohol and bitterness, then tinctures are a reliable solution. Also, the shelf life of tinctures, 3-5 years, is more compared to CBD oils. 

Reasons to buy CBD oil sleep tinctures

  • Longer life and absorption

CBD oil tinctures come from soaking and diluting cannabis in alcohol and heating it to get the extracted mixture. Though the potency of CBD reduces a little bit by this process, it helps to increase the shelf life of the solution by around 3-5 years. Consuming CBD oil tincture is also very simple. You only have to place the dropper solution of the CBD under your tongue. After holding it for 30-90 seconds, you can swallow the solution. Further, you can add water-soluble CBD oil tinctures to food and beverages, which is not the case with CBD oil. CBD oil doesn’t blend well and leaves an oily taste after consumption. 

  • Relieves anxiety and stress

CBD tincture has a tranquil and peaceful effect on people, which relaxes and comforts them. All this reduces stress and anxiety. A small study done with 24 subjects suggested that consuming CBD helps reduce social anxiety disorder symptoms in them. They were found to be less agitated when speaking in public. In a study done on a lab animal, CBD produced effects similar to antidepressants and anxiolytics. CBD triggered the activation of 5-HT1A receptors to induce these effects. While taking antidepressants for anxiety and depression can cause long-term side effects, CBD is relatively safe to use and doesn’t have any long-term side effects. 

  • Eases joint and muscle pains

CBD oil tinctures can help ease various joint and chronic pains. It has pain-relieving properties as it reacts to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) situated in our nervous system. This ECS system is responsible for regulating appetite, sleep, pains, and immunity in our body. CBD oil tinctures directly interact and affect the ECS system, which helps to reduce chronic aches and joint muscle pains. Some studies have pointed out that CBD and THC can also help treat arthritis and sclerosis. In a recent survey conducted by Arthritis Foundation on 2600 participants, 94% said that CBD helped relieve chronic pain, 71% said they had improved sleep patterns, and 67% claimed that CBD helped enhance their overall body functioning. 

  • Helps with insomnia and sleep problems

Insomnia is a problem in which a person finds it difficult to sleep or has disturbed sleep. The causes of insomnia are numerous, including stress, anxiety, joint pains, inflammation, etc. As we have seen CBD oil tinctures ease our nerves, anxiety, and joint pains, it becomes easy to sleep at night. It also combats addiction-related stress, which causes cravings and sleep difficulties. CBD doesn’t only help cure insomnia but also helps treat other sleep disorders such as REM and excessive daytime sleep. It also regulates your sleep-wake cycle and improves sleep quality. 

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation is a defense mechanism to eliminate any factor or intruder such as thorn, virus, bacteria detected in the body. Inflammation can lead to multiple chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and heart diseases. The indicators pointing towards inflammation are swellings, pains, redness, rashes, heat, and loss of function such as difficulty breathing. Inflammation can also be without any symptoms or indicators such as fever and internal infection. Research conducted in 2016 asserted that tropical CBD has potential therapeutic benefits to relieve arthritis-related pain and inflammation without any side effects. Though treated on a rat model, CBD has shown its utility in humans as well. 

  • Antitumor effects

Though the research about CBD helping in curing cancer is ongoing, it has shown positive results in healing the tumor-related symptoms and their side effects. CBD oil tinctures have also shown active results in decreasing or stopping tumors in animal models. Also, in a study conducted by the Journal of Pancreatic Cancer, experts observed that CBD has anticancer effectiveness for pancreatic cancer. It helped decrease the tumor, influence the affected cell death, and lessen the tumor invasion in the body. Despite the lack of research, CBD has proved its effectiveness for producing antitumor properties. 

  • Blended ingredients

CBD oil tinctures contain lower potency of CBD in comparison to CBD oil. They have a higher level of alcohol and other components, which help conceal the bitter taste. 

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Ingredients such as sweeteners, essential oils, melatonin, water, vegetable glycerin, flavors, etc., make the solution easy to consume. Some reputed organizations also add herbal extract and vitamins like B12 and C to enhance their effectiveness. Containing more alcohol and less CBD makes this product a delight for alcohol lovers and easy consumption.  


The bottom line is that CBD oil tinctures, an alcohol-based extract from the cannabis hemp plant, provide many benefits to their consumers. From conserved shelf life to blended ingredients, it has implied therapeutic properties with no side effects. Healing anxiety, stress, tumors, inflammation are some of the other benefits of CBD. It is of utmost importance to buy CBD oil tinctures from a reputed reference to get a quality product to ensure quality outcomes.

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