5 Myths about Wedding Planning Everyone Believes

Planning a wedding? You are probably overwhelmed with many restrictive dos and don’ts. Or, you are frustrated trying hard to come to terms with certain wedding practices, which you believe to be true, but are just myths.

Worried about making errors that put your wedding in a bad light or make it the talk of the town for unpleasant reasons? Or are you concerned about making a faux pass with your dress? Many wedding myths live rent-free in your head. It’s time we bust them.

Here are 5 wedding planning myths that you probably believe.

1.   It is mandatory to wear white.

Since you were little, the picture of that beautiful lady walking down the aisle while holding hands with her handsome groom has itched itself into your memory. Growing up, when you imagined yourself getting married, all you could think of was being dressed in white.

Yes, a white dress is the traditional wedding attire. However, you aren’t mandated to stick to white when getting married. A secret task force won’t interrupt your wedding if you walk down the aisle wearing a different color.

In fact, nowadays, many brides prefer colors other than white or ivory, as it makes them different. If you decide to ditch the traditional white, you can consider a bold style like red or navy blue.

Want something sassy and luxurious? Go for a gold, sparkly gown. On the other hand, if you want something unique yet still subtle, consider champagne pink. You don’t necessarily have to go with white. The goal is to look your best on your big day, so go with anything that helps you achieve that.

2.   You have to pay for your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Here is another issue that gives some couples nightmares: You choose your childhood friends to be your bridesmaid. They agree; everyone is happy. Then you find out that you must spend money on their dresses, including yours.

That is a big myth. 

While such was done in the past, it’s no longer practiced. In fact, bridesmaids aren’t only expected to pay for their dresses, but they are also expected to pay for their accessories, hair and makeup. Your job is to recommend the dresses. Do you love vintage bridesmaid dresses and want them for your big day? Go ahead and discuss your options with them. Your bridesmaid will buy it based on their preferred style. After all, it’s theirs to keep.

3.   DIY is less expensive

Theoretically, it may appear like DIY is the cheaper option. However, in practice or reality, that isn’t always the case.

For instance, if you decide to make a pair of beautiful earrings you see in the store, you may spend more money and effort than what was used to make the original piece. So the moral of the story here is, go with what suits you the best.

Are you a DIY pro? Go for it. However, before you get your hands dirty, do this one thing: price everything out. Remember to add the time and energy required for the DIY project and compare it against the price of purchasing the same item or hiring a professional. 

Sometimes, you’ll discover that DIY isn’t worth your time and hiring a professional is the best option. Other times, the reverse may be the case.

4.   You shouldn’t hire the services of a wedding planner

It’s common to ditch the idea of hiring the services of a wedding planner, probably because you think they cost way more than they are worth. That is a huge misconception. While you might decide against hiring a wedding planner, you shouldn’t shut the door to the possibility of contacting one.

A professional wedding planner can be your lifesaver. This individual will assist you with things ranging from logistics, while also helping you determine what you want. It is their job, and they know it like the back of their hands. If you are ok with running helter-skelter a few days before your wedding day or on your wedding day, you may want to rule out the option of hiring a wedding planner.

5.   You must invite those who invited you.

A few weeks back, your neighbor invited you to her brother’s wedding, and you feel like you should return the favor—after all, one good turn deserves another, right? Yeah, of course. But concerning your wedding, it’s a pure myth.

Remember, your wedding isn’t some repayment scheme; it is your day—a day set out to celebrate tying the knot with your fiancé, meaning you don’t have to invite everyone who has done you a favor in the past. Invite those you want to invite because you want them to celebrate with you, not because you want to be even.


Many of the things you believe about weddings while growing up and even till date are myths. The best way to differentiate a myth from a fact is to do your research. If many sources support a fact, then it’s likely that it’s not a myth.

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