5 Fabulous Ways to Make a Short-Term Rental Feel Like Home

For one reason or another, you are required to move into a rental property for just a short amount of time. Whether you’re staying away for work, or moving out of your home whilst you have building upgrades done, there are so many ways to make your short-term place feel just like home. You can still enjoy a luxurious home without actually owning it, so here are five fabulous methods to put your own personal stamp on your short-term rental.

  1. Small Furniture Items

Even when you’re moving into a short-term property, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own small furniture items to make it your own. When it comes to short-term rentals they are often furnished to a high standard but they may not always have everything you are looking for. You can add a small coffee table to your living space, or add a small shelving unit in the hallway if it feels right for your needs.

  1. Your Own Belongings

As soon as you bring your own personal items into your new home, you will instantly feel as though the place was meant for you. Putting your favorite book onto a shelf and adding your own plates to the kitchen cupboards will transform the space from a blank canvas into a cozy place to live and enjoy, even if it is just for a few months.

  1. Soft Furnishings

You can have so much freedom when it comes to adding soft furnishing to your new rental property. If you really want to bring a touch of home to your new place you can fill your sofa with welcoming cushions, add a vibrant rug, or even treat yourself to new bed sheets so that your short-term stay feels extra luxurious!

  1. Photo Frames

You may not be staying in your new place for long enough to put up permanent wall art, but you can bring a tonne of photo frames and fill them with your favorite snaps. Whether you’re looking to bring images of your family members into your place, or you want memories of vacations you’ve enjoyed recently, photo frames are a brilliant way to personalize a property for the short term.

  1. Candles and Scents

Adding a touch of personalization to your short-term home is easy when you use the power of sumptuous scents. Using fragrance to bring a sense of personalization into your short-term rental can instantly help it feel like home. Choosing a scent is also a really fun part of the process as it can help you discover more about your tastes in terms of aromas. From fresh lavender to stunning vanilla, there are so many different scents you can try for your new home.

As you can see, there are a whole host of different ways to add a touch of comfort, class, and style to your property, even if you’re not planning on staying there for a long time. It’s always nice to feel cozy and at home wherever you’re staying, and with these ideas you can feel confident that your space feels like your own.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

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