3 Home Renovations To Protect Against Severe Weather

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Many homeowners undertake renovations to improve the value of their property. By taking such steps, there is an increased chance that their houses will attract great offers if listed on the market. In other situations, however, these home renovations are done with the sole objective of protecting the structure from extreme weather. Statistics indicate that the average cost of such repairs can rise to $19,513. Depending on the structure, the extent of damage can cost millions. This is why your home renovation must include the following.

  1. Reinforcing the roof

You never know how strong your home’s roofing is until it endures the harshest weather. It is the first line of defense against the vagaries and, most often, the most vulnerable part of the house. According to building experts, the roof holds several risks because of its elevated horizontal position. Strong winds traveling at 200mph can hit the side and make a clean rip off the structure. Therefore, reinforcement of your home’s roofing is vital in any renovation project. It doesn’t matter if it appears in excellent condition.

That extra protection layer can be in the form of replacing loose, cracked, or missing shingles. This also includes sealing holes that may look like nothing in the early stages but can wreak havoc in extreme weather. When buying sealants, it is important to know which type is best for your type of roofing. You will find the information you need on the sealant container.

  1. Strengthen the windows

Any object can become a dangerous projectile, especially in extreme weather like a hurricane. This is why you need protection for your windows. No matter how well your window installation was done, they often take a beating from the changing seasons. Summer heat, rain, and frigid conditions slowly eat at the frames. This is why it is advised to always check your windows for signs of draft. When the frames weaken, they gradually detach by a few inches from the structure. This is how window weakening begins, but you can nip it in the bud.

Strengthening your windows during renovations can save you from spending a significant sum on repairs. Hurricane window shutters are designed to offer that extra line of defense for your home’s potential weak points. They are made from durable materials that can block flying projectiles in strong winds. While you consider hurricane shutters, it’s important not to overlook code compliance. These shutters are created to meet strict pressure and load. It would be best to check with your state’s requirements.

  1. Use sturdy doors

If you haven’t yet considered what to do with your home’s exterior doors, it would be an opportune moment to do so. Failing to reinforce your doors during renovation can make them the weakest links. Weak doors can easily get kicked off their hinges in extreme weather. They may also have cracks that eventually become entry points for rainwater. 

The best way to reinforce an external door is to install an additional one to the existing frame. A storm door may be your best protection against extreme weather that has the potential to cause damage. Thanks to technology, new door designs and models are manufactured with durable materials for added protection. When your home renovation is completed, you stand a better chance of minimal or no damage to your property.

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