3 Common Florida Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

Florida is one of the 5th most moved-to states, according to a 2021 United Van Lines assessment, and it’s no wonder: stunning scenery, warm weather, beaches, and an affordable way of life. However, the Florida qualities making life great can also be a detriment. Among other common issues, the gorgeous weather can potentially cause significant plumbing issues, which can be costly to replace. Continue reading to find out more. 


There’s plenty of unique and stunning wildlife in Florida, but this means there are countless types of pests as well. The humid weather conditions drive these pests indoors, and they can cause mayhem with your plumbing. 

Everything from bugs to lizards and snakes can enter your pipes, and they can often be found in your shower or toilet. These pests travel from the water supply through your pipes, which causes damage along the way. 

If you have persistent problems with pipe-based pests, you can have your local plumbers assess your pipes using specialist gear. 


Corrosion in pipes isn’t native to Florida, but the groundwater supply can speed up the process. Coming from the ground, water running through the pipes is stacked full of minerals and sediment, as well as several contaminants.

For water in Florida to become drink-worthy, it’s flushed with heavy quantities of chlorine. Unfortunately, chlorine at this level can begin corroding and rusting pipes, which isn’t ideal. If your pipes become heavily corroded, they will begin to leak and will cost you significant sums to repair. 

To avoid being plagued by rusting pipes, we recommend installing a filtration system, which will work out cheaper in the long run. There are 3 types of water filtration systems in Florida:

  • Whole house filtration: As the name suggests, these systems are attached to your plumbing, and will remove chlorine from your entire house. 
  • Water softener systems: Water softener systems are a great alternative for entire home systems, and they cater to a range of different styles and budgets. 
  • Reverse osmosis water systems: Attached to your kitchen sink, you will save a fortune on bottled water with a reverse osmosis system. 

Before installing the system, have your pipes checked for signs of corrosion. If any issues are highlighted, get in touch with a reputable Repipe Plumber Orlando, such as A1 Service Plumbing

Built-Up Mineral

Even though the water in Florida is treated with Chlorine before being sent to your home, the high levels of minerals leave scaling inside the pipes. When minerals build up, they solidify and form a coat called scaling, which can cause blockages that lead to issues with water pressure. If left unchecked, scaling can cause pipes to burst. 

The best way to deal with scaling issues is by regularly flushing your pipes with a descaler, which can be bought at the majority of large chain grocery stores including Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco. 

Take Away

Florida is a fantastic city to live in because of its unique way of life, but extra precautions need to be put in place to avoid damaged pipes and harmful drinking water. 

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