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Daily Archives: February 9, 2024

Catching Up With Style Maven Lisa Chambers

Lisa Sher-Chambers stands as a distinguished personal style expert, revered for her insightful approach to fashion and unparalleled expertise in the realm of personal image refinement. With a profound understanding of individual preferences and an eye for timeless elegance, Lisa’s guidance transcends mere trends, offering clients a transformative journey toward sartorial confidence. Through her intuitive consultations and meticulous attention to detail, Lisa Sher-Chambers cultivates personalized wardrobes that harmonize with each client’s unique identity and aspirations. Discover more about Lisa’s approach and services at Lisa Sher-Chambers Style, where luxury and personal style converge seamlessly. We will be looking forward to hearing more from Lisa after this month’s fashion week where Lisa will be covering many shows and events!
I recently got the chance to sit down with Lisa and ask her some questions about herself, her business and of course her amazing style!

Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

Can you share some of your favorite fashion trends in the luxury industry right now, and how do you incorporate them into your styling work?

I love elegance, glamour, color, and textures. The 2024 award season has already demonstrated that everyone is ‘showing up.’ Dressing up is fun again, no matter your age, shape or style. I love adding unexpected pieces to classic looks, such as pops of bright colors, different mediums like metal, and bold prints. I also love tonal dressing, which can be tricky. Mixing varying tones of the same colors works best when you combine various textures, like wool and silk. Tweeds have been on trend for a while, make tonal dressing easier by using one of the base colors in the tweed pattern and adding shades of that one color. Regarding accessories, I love the return to oversized bags, although admittedly, I was on the micro bag trend for a bit and I tried, but it’s not for me. 

How do you stay updated on the latest fashion collections and emerging designers to ensure your clients can access the most exclusive and cutting-edge pieces?

I have very close relationships with global sources for fashion and accessories, and we talk fashion, style and what’s next in fashion. We can reserve special items, which is particularly important for special occasions and travel planning. I study what the top stylists are doing, and what publications are showing, and attend as many fashion shows as possible. I’m always thinking about which pieces may be incorporated into my client’s wardrobes, considering things like body type, lifestyle, color tones, budget…We may love the look, but not the price point. We may love the look, but the silhouette isn’t suitable for our body type. Most importantly, I want my clients to look and feel their best so they can feel confident and have fun with what they are wearing. Also, I live (half-time) in Manhattan, on 57th Street, so I can see looks in person almost immediately. I can examine the sizing, touch the fabric, and determine the quality before recommending it to a client.

Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

    When working with clients, how do you balance staying true to their personal style preferences while also introducing them to new and exciting fashion concepts? 

    My clients start by telling me their authentic style and what a day in their life looks like, and we go from there. I encourage my clients to mix things up and blend things in an unexpected way. I love to introduce accessories so that their looks can take on multiple uses and move from day to evening, beach to dinner, corporate to evening.

    Can you recall a particularly challenging styling project you’ve worked on and how you overcame any obstacles to create a stunning and cohesive look? 

    Many clients are afraid of color and/or experimenting with new looks. My goal is to encourage my clients to push their fashion boundaries and express themselves while having fun with their unique styles. 

    Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

      In the world of luxury fashion, how important is it to consider sustainability and ethical practices, and how do you integrate these aspects into your styling choices? 

      I encourage resale purchasing and sourcing for my clients from reputable sources, and my network of vintage purveyors is growing. I love how fast fashion houses like Zara and H&M offer trendy pieces and looks, but the manufacturing, shipping, and return processes significantly affect the climate and the world. I ensure that my clients mostly own pieces they will keep and love for years, even decades. It can be challenging because dry cleaning can take a toll on clothing. I have even sourced new designers focusing on washable wools, lessening the need for dry cleaning. 

      What advice do you have for someone looking to elevate their personal style and incorporate more luxury pieces into their wardrobe without completely overhauling their existing collection? 

      Keep what you absolutely love. If you are hesitant, put it in a small pile in another location in your home. Revisit every six months and hold off on big decisions. If there is a designer whose looks you admire, start by incorporating an accessory like earrings or a necklace into an outfit. See how those pieces make you feel. If you like the vibe, try a ready-to-wear piece and go from there. Start slowly with one item and ensure you like the quality, the fabric, and the silhouette before revamping your closet.

      Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

        How do you approach the process of selecting accessories to complement a luxury outfit, and what role do they play in enhancing the overall look? 

        Accessories have the power to literally transform an outfit and your outlook. Depending on the occasion, a special piece with a special memory could change your mood. You can dress an outfit up or down with accessories, creating a brand-new look with a simple change of a scarf or necklace. I personally have an affection for handbags. They not only carry everything that I need for a day or evening, but they also change my vibe. A pop of color in a bag signifies confidence and can transform the outfit. Also, accessories always fit! If you’ve gained or lost a few pounds, shoes, handbags, and jewelry won’t disappoint when looking in the mirror. Other favorite ways to change an outfit are scarves and necklaces. You can transform an old, oversized cardigan sweater with layers of necklaces or just one. If you have a sweater or t-shirt you like but may have grown tired of, try adding a luxury scarf for additional elegance. 

        As a fashionista yourself, how do you express your own personal style, and are there any key elements or signature pieces that you consistently incorporate into your wardrobe? 

        My signature style is dependent on my mood for that day, but I love sophisticated looks with a hint of edge. I personally love prints and bold colors and have been enjoying color-blocking statements. I am not a minimalist, but I work with clients who prefer monochromatic aesthetics. I am also an everyday dresser and make sure that I feel good in comfortable, quality pieces when I’m working from home. 

        Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari