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Daily Archives: November 13, 2023

The Holiday Dressing Feather Edition

Holiday dressing takes a glamorous turn when feathers make their grand entrance. There is something enchanting about the way feathers add a touch of whimsy and luxury to festive attire. Whether adorning a dress, a pair of heels, or even a statement accessory, feathers effortlessly elevate the holiday spirit. The light, airy texture creates a sense of playfulness, reminiscent of snowflakes dancing in the winter breeze. Embracing feathers in your holiday ensemble is like donning a festive plumage, making you stand out in the crowd and adding a dash of elegance to the season’s celebrations. So, why not let your style take flight and embrace the feathered allure this holiday season? Here are some of my favorite feather dressing choices. Click the descriptions below from left to right to order or for more information.

IMG 9875

I love the look of these feather boots. How cute with leather pants and dark jeans.

This dress is not only cute for holiday events and New Year but also for sunny trips away this winter.

I bought these gorgeous feather slingbacks. They give a lot of bang for not a lot of $$$

Love the look of the blue feathers on this.

Another fabulous top to wear with leather pants or dressy black pants. It will also be great with white jeans come warmer temperatures.

I bought this sweater but was on the fence. When it came it was a real show-stopper and looks great with just about anything.

For those of you who prefer an off-the-shoulder look, how great is this blouse?

Here is the longer version of the previous pink dress. It’s hard to decide which to choose.

And lastly probably one of my favorite looks. I would pair this with the feather slingbacks!