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Daily Archives: December 7, 2022

2023’s Most Festive Cities

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Sleigh bells are ringing, snow is glistening, while Mariah Carey serenades shoppers at every department store — it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Which of the 200 biggest U.S. cities most resemble a scene out of a Hallmark movie?

LawnStarter made a list of 2022’s Most Festive Cities and checked it twice. We looked for cities with bags of fun, like holiday festivals and European-style Christmas markets serving delicious goodies.

Of course, no winter wonderland is complete without snow, so we also measured the average snowfall in each city to find the most Instagram-worthy backdrops. 

Check out the 10 most festive cities — and the 10 most bah humbug — below, followed by highlights and lowlights from our report. (See where your city ranks here.)
Most Festive CitiesRankCity
1 New York, NY
2 Las Vegas, NV
3 Los Angeles, CA
4 Chicago, IL
5 Denver, CO
6 Houston, TX
7 San Antonio, TX
8 San Diego, CA
9 Charlotte, NC
10 Philadelphia, PA
Christmas in New York: Kids from 1 to 92 will find it hard to sleep in The City That Never Sleeps. New York is our No. 1 most festive city for the second year in a row, dominating four out of five categories. 

Even though New York placed eighth in “Frolicking,” no other city holds a fir-scented candle to America’s most popular tourist destination. It would take a miracle on 34th Street to beat the city with the most holiday festivals, attractions, music venues, gift shops — you name it.

To rub icy elbows with your pal Jack Frost, head to Upstate New York. Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester are true winter wanderlands, boasting excellent walk scores and the highest average snowfalls among all 200 cities. The region already hit an icy milestone, a historic 4 feet of snow in a single day, back in November.
Where the Grinch Stole Christmas: Crowd-averse residents of several California, Florida, and Texas cities can enjoy more than one silent night this holiday season. Three cities from each of these states make up most of our bottom 10.

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10 Home Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

When decorating your home, there are a few things you should avoid. If you want to create a functional and stylish space, then you need to be aware of the most common decorating mistakes. This blog post will discuss 10 of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their homes. Then, we’ll provide tips on avoiding these mistakes, so you can create a space you love!

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Not Taking Measurements

Before you go shopping for furniture and décor, be sure to measure the space in which it will be placed. Furniture that is too large for a room can make it feel cramped and cluttered while selecting items that are too small can leave the space empty.

Hanging Art Too High

When it comes to hanging art, there are other options besides the space above your sofa. Many people make the mistake of hanging artwork too high on their walls, making a room look overly formal and uninviting. Instead, consider placing pieces at eye level or slightly lower for a more comfortable, inviting atmosphere in your home.

Overlooking Lighting

Lighting is often an overlooked element of interior design, yet it can significantly impact your home’s overall feel and atmosphere. Ensure that you consider lighting when planning out your space, as this can help create more depth and interest in each room.

Ignoring the Color Scheme

Choosing a colour scheme is essential when decorating your home. Not only do colours have the power to evoke certain emotions, but they can also make a room look larger or smaller, depending on how you use them. So take your time to select colours that complement each other, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and tones.

Not Thinking About Functionality

When planning your space, think about how it will be used and the furniture you need to function correctly. It’s important to select comfortable, practical, and stylish pieces so that your home is both beautiful and functional at the same time6. Going Overboard with Accessories

Accessories can add a lot of personality and style to a room, but it’s essential to do just what is necessary. Too many accessories can make your space look cluttered and disorganized, so be selective when selecting pieces for your home. ArchiPro products have an extensive range of accessories to choose from, so you are sure to find something that fits your home’s overall style.

Neglecting Wall Space

When it comes time to decorate, walls often end up neglected. While many put a few paintings and photographs on them, many other possibilities can be explored. Wallpaper and murals, hanging shelves and planters, and interactive art installations are all creative options to explore. In addition, consider turning the wall into a functional component of your space. For example, you could install a chalkboard or whiteboard wall to jot down notes and reminders or build in shelving for books and knick-knacks. You can even use the walls as storage with built-in cabinets, drawers, cubbies, and hooks. These are all great ways to add character to your space while making it more functional.

Forgetting to Personalise

When decorating a space, it’s vital to ensure that you inject a bit of your style and taste into the mix. Whether selecting pieces with sentimental value or incorporating family photographs, adding personalised touches can make your space feel like home.

Not Taking the Time to Arrange Furniture Properly

It can be tempting to plop a piece of furniture down in the middle of a room and call it a day, but this is not the best way to arrange pieces in a space. Instead, take the time to experiment with different arrangements, considering the shape and size of your room, before settling on a final layout. This can create a more balanced look in each space.

Ignoring Scale and Proportion

When selecting furniture pieces, it’s important to consider the piece’s scale relative to the size of the room. Choosing items that are too large or too small can throw off the entire look of the space. Be sure to measure each piece beforehand and consider how it will fit in with other pieces in the room before making your final selection.

Making Decisions Too Quickly

When decorating a space, it’s essential to take your time and make sure that you make the right decisions. Take your time purchasing items, as this can lead to costly mistakes you may regret later on. Instead, take your time researching and considering different options before making a final selection. This will help ensure that you end up with pieces you truly love.

By avoiding these common decorating mistakes, you can create a beautiful and welcoming space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Remember to select colors carefully, think about functionality when selecting pieces, personalize your space with family photographs or special items, take the time to arrange furniture properly, and consider scale and proportion before making any decisions. By doing so, you will be able to create a stylish and comfortable home that you will be proud of for years to come