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Daily Archives: February 28, 2022

Birthday Candles On Broadway with Debra Messing

OMG..I loved loved Will and Grace. I mean beyond loved so when I heard Deborah Messing was coming to Braodway, I know it was a must-see. The show is called Birthday Candles and here is the summary

Debra Messing (Will & Grace) returns to the stage as Ernestine Ashworth, who spends her 17th birthday agonizing over her insignificance in the universe. Soon enough, it’s her 18th birthday. Even sooner, her 41st. Her 70th. Her 101st. Five generations, dozens of goldfish, an infinity of dreams, one cake baked over a century. What makes a lifetime…into a life? A new play by Noah Haidle.

Here is an article from today’s post on the show!!

We have a section in the Orchestra on 3/30 at 8 pm for $160. Email me to save your spot!!!

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5 Fun Water Sports and Activities to Try at Least Once

There are many brilliant ideas to try out when it comes to having fun on land. You can decide to visit a favorite restaurant with a loved one, watch an exciting movie at a cinema, go hiking in the glamorous Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles…the list is endless!

However, when it comes to enjoying oneself on the water, one might have to brainstorm really hard to come up with a unique and super-exciting idea. You don’t have to go through such difficulty.. There are a lot of water sports and activities to try out when looking to experience those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of these activities below.

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1. Flyboard Flying

If you are a superman enthusiast, the chances are that you have—probably once or twice—imagined yourself, high-up, in the sky, staring down at the ground like the revered Clark Kent. While a flyboard cannot bring such a bizarre dream to pass, it can at least make you enjoy the feeling of being a floating human for some time. Regardless, there are a lot of thrills and spills packed in this fantastic water activity.

2. Kayaking

Another fun water activity to try out is kayaking. In the United States, there were around 18.12 million participants in kayaking, an increase of 16.62 million in 2021. If you’ve had your reservations about kayaking, such statistics are a clear indication of why you need to rent a kayak (or buy one) and head out to the water to enjoy the picturesque view.

3. Sightseeing

Wouldn’t you love to have a close-up view of some aquatic creatures or sea features? Rather than spend all of your precious time engaging in an onshore activity, why not take the fun offshore? One of the best ways to do that is by buying an LA whale watching ticket for yourself and perhaps family members. If you would love to see what a whale actually looks like in real life, this is an excellent chance for you.

4. Cliff-Diving

There is something remarkable about diving off one of Mother Nature’s magnificent creations. Cliff diving is a fun activity for those with a penchant for adventure. For a brief moment, you feel like you’ve cheated gravity, then shortly, you find yourself plunging into the water like a fighter jet on a solo airshow display. It’s a thrilling activity everyone should try out just for the experience.

5. Jet Skiing

Have you always been wishing to try out some insanely fast and furious high-speed stunts? Rather than try it on land and get caught for overspeeding, you can get on a jet ski and put those driving skills of yours to the test.

Unlike the land, where you have many restrictions, the sea offers you a wide array of space to perform whatever stunt you have in mind. You can decide to travel at some heart-stopping speeds, perform droughts, go in circles, or even jump awake. The feeling of wafting through the waves as guts of cool wind soothes your skin makes this a must-try water sport.


Aside from the usual activities individuals engage in while on the water, there are many other unique fun activities to try out. These activities are designed to leave a lasting impression on your memories and offer you the fun that you’ve never dreamt of. Ensure you go for something that suits your taste and always exercise caution when engaging in these sports.