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Daily Archives: November 19, 2021

Real Estate Stalking: Andrew Yu Designs

When your friend the amazing designer and entertainer Andy Yu invites you over for tea, you definitely do not say no. Andy’s private label cashmere collection is outstanding. I have showcased his beautiful sweaters and chic coats all season. Last week, we went over for tea and of course to again try on all of Andrew Yu Designs. While I was there, I asked Andy if I could share his fab house with you. Also do not forget to follow Andy on Instagram to see all of his latest creations.

IMG 2633
IMG 2618
IMG 2627
IMG 2628
IMG 2629 1
IMG 2630
IMG 2631
IMG 2622
IMG 2623
IMG 2624
IMG 2625
IMG 2619
IMG 2620
IMG 2621
IMG 2632 1
IMG 2636