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Daily Archives: October 19, 2021

Setting the Thanksgiving Table with Carolyn Bender

I am so happy to partner with Carolyn Bender of CB Lifestyle for holiday table decor.. I introduced Carolyn via a post a couple of weeks ago and highlighted her amazing tablescapes. I was in awe of how she styled all the tables on her site, esp my favorite, the colorful Ginori dishes. I could not wait until she revealed this year’s, Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving tablescapes. I have to say Carolyn did not disappoint. They are spectacular. I love the simple white and natural element table as well as the jewel tones and elements and colors from nature on the second table. If you have not already, I recommend visiting, Carolyn’s WEBSITE for inspiration or to purchase some of the items highlighted below for your own Thanksgiving table.

IMG 7997

IMG 7998

IMG 8457
IMG 8592
IMG 8588
IMG 8568
IMG 8388
IMG 8388
IMG 8433
IMG 8430
IMG 8410
IMG 8452
IMG 8439