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Daily Archives: October 16, 2021

Do You Stitch?

One of the things that I am so disappointed about is that I never learned how to needlepoint. I love seeing all the projects that my friends who do, do!!!!! Neelepointing is such a beautiful art, I really do not like to call it a hobby!!! I recently visited the cutest store in Tuckahoe called Bargello Needlepoint. All of you needlepoint lovers are going to fall hard for this gem. They have the most beautiful quality canvases from belts, to brick covers, to ornaments and so much more. There is even a Goyard style monogram cluch…OMG!!!!

The owners are two very talented, very stylish ladies, Christine and Leslie. Their passion for needlepoint shines through every little detail of their wonderful shop. They curate all of the store’s hand-painted canvas designs. They stay open for their “Stitch Night” once a week on Wednesday and invite all of their customers to come and stitch together, and learn from each other and swap tips. I went on Wednesday night to watch and learn and it was so much fun. Next time I need to start stitching myself. Both ladies promise they are working on stitching classes. I am really looking forward to signing up so stay tuned.

For more information on Bargello Needlepoint or to learn more about Lesle and Christine, click HERE!

PS In case you were wondering about the name, Bargello? The name originates from a “flame stitch” pattern found on a series of 17th century chairs in the Bargello palace in Florence, Italy.  

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