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Daily Archives: October 27, 2020

Home Goods Round-Up

I received many messages asking for a Home Goods post. I have not been to home goods since early in the summer. I thought it was time to run over and check out some of the new items. I have to admit I was a little disappointed this time. There were so many Christmas items, mostly smaller trees. I did spot a few cute things but I think it is wayyy too early to start buying for Christmas right now!! Also, since this is the first time I will not be hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner, I passed over all the Thanksgiving decor. But, I did find some other really great pieces. I am hoping for more great arrivals in the next month or so. I will keep you updated for sure!!!

This velvet swivel chair was fab…I love the brushed gold base…

Agate coasters are the most beautiful gifts. They had a bunch of colors.

There was a pair of circle lamps.. I could see these in a bedroom or living room..sooo chic!!!

I love love this pair of lamps. The shades are soo cool!!!!!

This end table really caught my eye…

For all the blue and white lovers, how great are these canisters? They would make great gifts, or placed on a kitchen counter or with the tops taken off and used as vases for flower arrangements..

This amazing beverage holder would be so amazing in any Christmas decor. It was soo hard for me leave it there…what a gorgeous, unique piece…

I love this fancy garden would look so pretty sitting next to the Christmas tree holding colorful presents!!!

These nightstands are so gorgeous and on trend…

I saw someone with these pillows in their cart and was so happy that I found another pair. They are really incredible…

I cannot resist anything greek key. I love the champagne color too…These would look so good on a bar cart.

There were a few of these large faux fur pillows…all you need are 2 to spruce up any sofa!!

This is probably one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen at Home Goods. This celadon urn with foo dog finial would look amazing next to a fireplace or in an entryway!

An etched champagne bucket is a must and not easy to find…they also make fabulous gifts..

How sweet is this Superman popcorn popper…it would be perfect under the tree…

This pair of navy pillows were so great looking…very David Hicks!!!

Lastly, it IS that time of year and there were some amazing Halloween decorations…

Why A Pandemic Is A Perfect Time To Start Saving Money.

Image by Pixabay 

This global pandemic has caused many different problems for people, and it has changed the way we live for now and maybe for the future too. COVID-19 has meant that many people have lost their jobs and are struggling right now, others may not be struggling, but it has made them rethink the way they spend their money. If saving money, even a little every day is not something you’re very good at, like me, or not something you have tried before, then now during this pandemic could be the perfect time to start, and here’s why:

It’s Something Proactive

If you are finding it difficult to be proactive during this global crisis because it’s very limiting, then learning how to save a bit every day could be for you It’s something you can control when there isn’t much else you can.  

It Can Be Fun

There’s not much to laugh about or enjoy right now, but rather than dwelling on that, embracing savings can be really enjoyable. Seeking out the best deals, making the most of freebies, and feeling in control over your money while watching it grow can be very satisfying 

You Have Time To Get Organized

With extra time on your hands staying at home, you can make a list of all your monthly payments and expenses and sort them into the order of priority. Decide which can be canceled and see where you can reduce certain payments by switching energy providers or internet or insurance providers. Could you remortgage your house to lower your monthly payment? A lot of my friends have done this recently. Find out all your options and use online calculators such as this one on MortgageCalculator.Org to see where you could be making savings. 

You Have No Choice But To Stay At Home More

The Coronavirus can really benefit you when it comes to saving money as you are advised and encouraged to spend more time at home, for your safety and for the safety of everyone else. This means that you have no choice but to save money on transportation, going out, eating out, spontaneous shopping sprees and generally living life. You can cut down massively on unnecessary shopping and choose your food shopping wisely by making a plan before you go out or order online and only buy what you need. I started ordering my groceries online a few years ago and I really see a difference in my weekly grocery bills. While you’re spending more time at home, you have the time to cook and bake more, which can save you a lot of money from going out to eat or ordering in.

Clean Out Your Closets and Sell What You No Longer Need

You also have time to sell the things that you are no longer using. There are plenty of online sites that can help you do this and many people willing to buy online while they are stuck at home. As you come across things that you no longer need or want or clothes you haven’t worn for a while, then sell them. This is a really easy way to make money, clear out your clutter, and while people are watching their money right now, they are all looking for bargains as well. So you will find it pretty easy to sell your things and earn a few extra pennies. And you will be shocked how quickly all that money adds up.