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Daily Archives: July 13, 2020

Book Club Monday

If you are into Crime and Suspense books today’s choice, Outsider: A Novel of Suspense by Linda Castillo is for you. I saw a friend reading it on the beach and the cover looked so interesting…It came highly recommended. And once I read the summary, I knew it was for me….


Linda Castillo follows her instant New York Times bestseller, Shamed, with Outsider, an electrifying thriller about a woman on the run hiding among the Amish.

While enjoying a sleigh ride with his children, Amish widower Adam Lengacher discovers a car stuck in a snowdrift and an unconscious woman inside. He calls upon Chief of Police Kate Burkholder for help, and she is surprised to recognize the driver: fellow cop and her former friend, Gina Colorosa.

Years before, Kate and Gina were best friends at the police academy and patrol officers in Columbus, but time and distance have taken them down two very different paths. Now, Gina reveals a shocking story of betrayal and revenge that has forced her to run for her life. She’s desperate for protection, and the only person she can trust is Kate―but can Kate trust her? Or will Gina’s dark past put them all in danger?

As a blizzard bears down on Painters Mill, Kate helps Gina go into hiding on Adam’s farm. While the tough-skinned Gina struggles to adjust to the Amish lifestyle, Kate and state agent John Tomasetti delve into the incident that caused Gina to flee. But as Kate gets closer to the truth, a killer lies in wait. When violence strikes, she must confront a devastating truth that changes everything she thought she knew not only about friendship, but the institution to which she’s devoted her life. –

For more information or to purchase this book, click HERE.

Calling Single Ladies..Signs That He Wants To Marry You One Day….

This post is for all my single ladies out there who write in to me and are keeping the faith. I have heard of sooo many covid romance stories new relationships and many proposals!!!…It is sooo exciting…well for all of you who ask me about relationships and the next steps…….Here’s to Wedding Bells Ringing soon!!!!

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Love can be exciting, but it may not always be clear cut where your love is headed. That doesn’t mean, though, that there aren’t clear signs that he’s thinking about taking your relationship to the next level someday. If you’ve been wondering where your relationship is headed and whether you’ll need Mona Salehi Notaire services one day here are a few things to look for. 

He Always Talks About the Future

If a man mentions the future to you a lot, it’s pretty likely he sees a place for you in it with him. Men don’t typically mention their future plans to a woman they have little interest in, so if he’s talking about future plans, particularly plans that are months or even years away, there’s a pretty good chance he wants you to be a part of those plans, too. 

He Values and Asks for Your Opinion 

Another sign that you mean a lot to him is that he takes your opinion seriously. If he’s frequently asking you what you think, or asking you to weigh in on things that are going on in his life, it means that he cares what you have to say and values your input. It also shows that he’s starting to lean on you for support, which most likely means he can see you being in his life long term. 

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He Always Remembers the Little Things, Even When You Don’t

A man often won’t pay very close attention to a woman he isn’t deeply interested in. If he’s always noticing the little things, and remembering things about you that you don’t even remember yourself, it shows that he is truly focused on you, in a meaningful way. This kind of focus is usually a good indicator that he wants to know everything about you that he possibly can. 

He Wants To Make Smaller Commitments

Yet another sign that he’s in it for the long haul is that he’s already making smaller commitments with you. Whether it’s getting on the same cell phone plan or giving you the keys to his apartment, if he’s willing to make smaller commitments and show signs of trust, there’s a high probability he can see himself making larger commitments, like marriage, eventually, too. 

Even though love can be exciting, it can sometimes feel confusing, too. This can be particularly true if you’re wondering where your relationship is headed, and if he wants to commit to you, long term. While love isn’t always easy to figure out, the truth is that there can be many easy to spot signs that he wants to be with you for the long run. 

He talks about proposals and marriage

One of the dead giveaways to whether a man wants to marry you one day or not is if he openly, and actively talks about proposals or marriage with you. Some women may become concerned if their partner is talking too frequently about proposals and marriage and worry that they won’t make the event special. However, when a man talks about proposing to you and asks a lot of questions about the subject, it is likely that he is just gathering as much information as possible so that he can make it as special.

For example, he may one day ask you to browse through a moissanite stones catalog to pick out, or identify the kind of stones, and designs you like the look of. This could be so he has a better idea of what your preferences are for the all-important engagement ring.

If he is trying to be sneaky he might use his friends, or work colleagues and their girlfriends as examples rather than asking you for your direct opinion on something. So, keep an eye out for this little trick that men like to implement.

Men can sometimes be hard pushed to take the next step and fully commit, so if your partner is talking to you a lot about proposals, and marriage in general, or asking you for your opinion and thoughts around these subjects, it is likely that he is interested in marrying you one day.