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Daily Archives: July 8, 2020

Candleholic Shop

There is a uber talented girl in my town who started the company Candleholic. She upcycles, wine, champagne, and other fancy alcohol bottles into scented candles by carefully cutting each bottle by hand and sanding them to perfection. The glam container is filled with American soy wax laced with a blend of perfume and essential oils. Candleholic candles are so beautiful and look amazing displayed around your home and make the most perfect gifts. I use the containers when the candle runs out as a vase, changing up the flowers all year long. Each candle is beautifully crafted and the entire collection runs from $20-$40. To see the complete assortment click HERE.

I bought this red, white and blue Tito’s candle (it was citronella too). It was so perfect for a 4th of July BBQ….

How great did my friend Susie style her candle?

Here is my empty Veuve Cliquot candle. I love to cut my hydrangea and move it around the house…..Here is it to brighten the Monday coffee station!!!!

Keep Calm and Carry On…Easier Said Than Done…

Tips to Manage Anxiety In These Difficult Times:

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Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling which many of us have experienced during these difficult times of 2020. Fears and catastrophic thoughts that put the body in an alarm state are often the consequences of common anxiety. However, just because it is happening, it doesn’t mean we should let it control our lives. That said, you want to manage your anxiety, the following tips will help.

  1. Start understanding your anxiety better

Sure, your anxiety sometimes feels uncomfortable, and you want to get rid of things that feel uncomfortable. However, if you throw it overboard without taking a look at it, you will lose a lot of important information. Dare to look at what actually scares you? If so, question yourself first. Which situations trigger anxiety for you? What exactly was it that made you restless or anxious?  For me, I usually get anxiety over things that I cannot control. So that is what I personally try to work on….

How realistic is it that your fears are true? Alternatively, what could happen – and how likely would that be? As far as possible, these considerations should be tested in reality or checked in conversation with others. The constant weighing of probabilities helps to deal with inappropriate and exaggerated fears.

Also, check critically against reality, whether you consider your anxiety to be justified afterward. With such questions, you can take a step back out of the situation. You gain distance from the feeling of fear by looking at it from the outside. 

  1. Get moving

Regular sporting activities and relaxation exercises not only make you feel more youthful, but can also help reduce anxiety reactions in the long term. With some disorders, they also help in acute cases, among other things because physical relaxation and exhaustion are difficult to reconcile physiologically with an anxiety reaction. However, the effect can be reversed during a panic attack!

If there is panic-related hyperventilation (strong breathing due to shortness of breath),  breathing in a bag is recommended so that the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the blood returns to normal.

  1. Stop your thoughts

It can also be about stopping thoughts that scare you. You are the master of your thoughts. You can also choose to put thoughts back in their place. Make a clear “stop”. Think about helpful and appropriate thoughts. Thoughts that satisfy your need for security and calm you down.

If that doesn’t help, distraction is allowed. What would you do now? Watch a film? Read a newspaper or a book? Or phone a good friend. Focus consciously on something else instead of the fear-triggering thoughts.

  1. Take natural calming herbs

Calming herbs such as valerian are commonly used can be used as a tea, tincture, or powder for all conditions of nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia.

In the case of insomnia, a tea made from valerian tea is recommended before going to bed, which is slowly drunk in small sips. To do this, pour one or two teaspoons of valerian root with a cup of water. The tea is left to steep for about twelve hours. Then you filter off and heat the tea to drinking temperature.

Additionally, CBD oil also offers a calming effect and is commonly used to reduce anxiety-related symptoms. For more information, you can find the nearest Harvest House of Cannabis.

Investments To Make For A Nicer Time at Home…

There is no place like home…..

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Many of us have found ourselves spending more and more time at home over the past few months. Sure, this may largely be at the hands of the pandemic and restrictions may well be loosening now, meaning we can now spend more time out of the house doing things that we used to do. But for many of us, staying in will be a large part of our lifestyles going forwards as things are still relatively uncertain. Chances are, over the past few months, you’ve been making some changes and investments to make your home life more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re looking for some more, here are a few suggestions that you might like to take into consideration!


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Nowadays, fewer and fewer of us have actual television sets in our homes. Instead, many of us are simply using our laptops instead. But when it comes down to it, if you’re going to sit back and watch a film or a series, it’s much more enjoyable on a large screen, rather than your small laptop screen. You may also want to consider what kind of services you have on your television, or, if you’re not going to invest in one, the services that you use on your laptop. You might want to take a look at this IPTV tutorial from Troypoint. You could also consider streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and more.

Cushions and Throws

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Sure, we may be in the midst of summer. But during the colder evenings, or on the occasional rainy day, it really is nice to get cuddled up on the sofa. Whether that’s to watch TV, read a book, or have a chat with whoever is with you. Make sure to have plenty of cushions and throws to make yourself as cosy as possible! There are so many different options out there that there’s bound to be something that will not only provide you with comfort, but that will also perfectly fit in with your interior design too!


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You’re not going to want bright lights blaring at all times when you’re trying to relax. Why not invest in some nice lamps or lampshades that will give your room a softer and more comfortable glow instead? Lighting really can make all the difference to the atmosphere of any space. So, make sure to take your time choosing it out and to invest in it. Again, there are plenty of options out there that will complement your living space aesthetically – so it’s not simply a practical investment either!

These are just a few small changes that you could make to your living space to make it a nice area to spend time in at the moment. Hopefully, at least one can be added to your home to make everything more enjoyable for now!