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Daily Archives: May 6, 2020

Staying Stylish During Quarantine!!

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More people are communicating via zoom these days. Whether it be with your friends, family, work commitments, or online appointments. Here is some retail therapy for while you are staying home. Or as I like to call them, the MVPs of quarantine. Please click the links for more information. Or feel free to EMAIL me with any questions or your own suggestions.

A great new colorful or printed blouse or sweater will really elevate your zoom game!

A new pair of statement earrings are a must since they really pop during a zoom call.

If you do stay in your pajamas all day (no judgment here!!!!). They should at least be Glam Pajamas!!!!!!!

I found these industrial paper towels …GAME CHANGER in a pandemic for sure.. it has been over a month and I have gone through only one roll so far. I would have gone through 8 + rolls of bounty!!!

Here is the new Alexa flex. With her new prices point and the ease of simply plugging her in any outlet, you can easily have her in any room of your house. The games we play are Jeopardy and Song Quiz (this is the version that plays the actual song verses to guess). And check out the EVERYTHING ALEXA page for all new features.

HERE and HERE (readers and non magnifying) are the blue light blocking glasses I use, since there is even more time spent on screens these days!!!!

Simply Scrumptious baked goods are incredible. Most items are low or non-fat and way under 100 calories. They make indulging have much fewer consequences and guilt!!!!

Who says you cannot have that skin kissed glow during quarantine….

Or, just go for the straight sunshine in a bottle!!!!!

Nails seem to be a huge problem for everyone…I just tried these really incredible nail color strips that give you a salon quality manicure that lasts for up to 10 days!!!!

Who does not LOVE a DIY..but most of use are not that crafty..never fear..I have 2 really easy yet really impressive ones for you!!

DIY Carabiner Layering Necklaces:

Cut the necklace to where you want to add the carabiner and screw it on. Depending on how fancy you want your necklace you can add one or 2 carabiners (a larger and a smaller or a different shaped or stone version) . You can be as creative as you want when layering…

And here are all the Carabiners!!

DIY Party Pajamas

 I found THESE pajamas and many different colored BOAS. I used a GLUE GUN to attach the feathers to each of the sleeves and each pant leg. One boa was enough to do one pair of pajamas. I have seen people wear the top with jeans or the pants with a dressy flared sleeve blacktop or the top and bottoms together with cute heels to a wedding or Holiday party. When our quarantine is over, I am going to send mine out to have the feathers sewn on (but I’m sure a lot of you can do it yourself)!!! I just love this look!!!!!

image Something Navy
image Pop Sugar

Here are some tips for elevating your Zoom background or “scene” as I like to call it!!!

Set up your computer in front of the window so your face gets natural light, which is the most flattering type of light.”

You can improve your appearance and look airbrushed. Just click the “enhance my appearance” button under video options.

Use laptops/computers over phone/tablets. It allows for better control of viewing and accessing chat features.

Mute mics and only unmute when you are speaking; it eliminates some of the screen jumping that is triggered by sound/noise.

​​Surround yourself with things that inspire you: a decorative piece, a Himalayan salt lamp, or burn a candle.

 Place Lamps At Both Sides Of Your Desk, if you are seated at a desk.

Clean your space. Do not show clutter. Think about your background. A nice piece of artwork or your fireplace and mantle would work nicely. Basically something interesting to look at.

Add a decorative object to the background, like a vase of flowers.

A book shelf makes for an interesting and eye catching backdrop.

Have nice accessories, a pretty mug (my friend, Melissa, used these recently) or glass. Use a decorative pen or notebook, if you need one during the meeting.

Protect Your Family With MORE Affordable Car Insurance..


The state of the current affairs has us rethinking a lot of things at home. You are really supposed to reevaluate all your insurance every few years. Truth be told, I have never revaluated anything. It always seemed like an intimidating project and I never really knew where to start. If you’re looking for more affordable car insurance, sometimes there are too many choices and it really can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, it’s easier to save money on your car insurance if you follow some basic advice. Always reject the first offer and try to negotiate. Do what you can to find the best premium rates. Even things like adjusting your job title can get you a reduction. Here are some tips on how to spend less on car insurance.

Get the best deal

It’s better to do your research before committing to one car insurance company. Shop around and use price comparison sites to find the best offers online. It’s often cheaper to go for a shorter-term deal. Don’t go for “auto-renew ” as this means that your premium will be renewed automatically with no room to negotiate. You will save more money by going with a company that is willing to fight for you to choose them. Second-hand vehicles will tend to get you a lower premium. New cars go down in value as soon as you drive them out of the dealership. They go through an 11% depreciation on average almost immediately and then depreciate even more in the next few years. Used cars have already gone through this depreciation, so you won’t have the same problem. 

Be a responsible driver

The best way you can protect your family and avoid making a claim on your car insurance is by driving more safely. Put your phone away. Do not text and drive. Don’t let road rage take over. Avoid slamming on the brakes or the accelerator. Always follow the traffic laws and don’t take any risks. Avoid distractions while driving. If you don’t have any driving issues you can rely on your no claims bonus. A very interesting and unknown fact is that your job title can also make you appear more responsible to an insurer. If you’re a freelance skilled worker, technically you’re the “company director”. Try testing out a job picker online to help make your job title get you a better deal. on your policy. As long as the job title you use technically describes the work you do, it shouldn’t be a problem for the insurance company.

What to do if you have an accident

If the unfortunate does happen it’s not necessarily the end of the world, but it might make you think about how you can improve your driving. Refresher driving lessons or a defensive driving course might be a good idea. Immediately after the incident, you should file a detailed accident report. You don’t want to be misinformed or lose out on your claim. Speak to lawyers about arranging legal help for injury claim. There could be a number of factors that might have led to the accident. You could be entitled to compensation. Make sure you are as informed as you can be about the claims process. Get the details of the other driver and their vehicle. Take plenty of photos at the scene, and speak to any witnesses. Be as prepared as possible when you make a claim.