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Daily Archives: October 31, 2019

Carving Pumpkins

Are you getting ready for Halloween?  This year we did not get to carve pumpkins.  With my older 2 away at college and my youngest swamped with studying for tests, over the weekend, we decided to skip this year.  I did see some really great carving kits at CVS, when I went to get treats to hand out at my husbands office party this week (the kids were the cutest and they did tell us that we had the best selection!!!!  WOOOOO HOOOOO)….I decided to do a virtual carving this year…but maybe I might go back to CVS tomorrow AM and get those carving kits…we still have one day.  I so love Halloween…it is my dear friend Alicia’s B-day..we are taking her to the NY Botanical Garden for lunch and to see their Spooky Pumpkin Garden.  More on that tomorrow!!!! In the meanwhile:

ee8ff2-20151024-pumpkins2.jpg (1000×974)
ss-141015-carved-pumpkins-tease'.today-ss-slide-desktop.jpg (1920×1080)

20180914_BP_PumpkinCarving_174_0.jpg (3690×3864)

FHRKDZ4FMZA9M9F.RECT2100.jpg (1280×851)

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