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Daily Archives: August 14, 2019

Some Of Our Favorite Summer Things

This is going to be a long post because I am going to share a lot of things with you.  Mostly things that my family ordered this summer….I had family visit me for 4 weeks this summer, I had a high school graduation and 2 kids shopping for college.  A freshman, in a dorm and a senior, in an off campus house.  Needless to say we were constantly online ordering EVERYTHING…from cleaning products, to bug zappers to sheets!!!  I texted tons of links to items that readers would ask me about when I saw them, so I decided to do one post with some of our favorite things from Summer of 2019!! ENJOY!!!!

I LIVE for Frame jeans….I found this pair for a steal…if they have your size….GRAB them!!!!

Take it from someone who is addicted to Grande Lash…these products work..this is suppose to be the best on the market!!!!

Thanks to this, we had a bug free summer!!!

I have been obsessed with the Laundress products for years…the stain solution is gets new and even old stains out of everything!!!!

I cannot keep everyone’s favorite lollipops around the house long enough to even have one myself!!!!!

I bought this pocket tool for both my kids to take to school, for my mom and also I have a few around my house!!!!

Do NOT go to college with out this storage bin!!!!! And I even got a couple for around here!!!!

I cannot live without this carpet cleaner!!!

We first saw these sunglasses in the Hamptons…the perfect aviator!!!!

My girls love this makeup eraser and all their friends ask where to get one too….

My sister and I became addicted to these this summer!!!!

These raffia earrings were the home run of the summer…for only $7.99!!!! I bought a few pairs and gave out the link at least 50 times!!!

This garden stool is probably one of the best pieces I bought for my patio so far…its incredible in person!!!

Another great pair of earrings!!!

I use these “nicer” disposable cups in my cabana and another thing everyone asks for the link for!!!!

This is such a cute blouse…it runs big FYI!!

Not glamorous but the BEST mop and bucket!!!!

My girls and I could eat this for all 3 meals!!!!