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Daily Archives: June 22, 2019

Breck and Grier

I recently partnered with a local company Breck and Grier….The company was founded by 2 sisters Breck and Grier from Riverside, CT.  They were constantly looking for the perfect bag and decided to create it themselves….The bags are made from Moroccan craftsmen.  The sisters added their own touch… a personalized twist.  They will help you create you own unique bag that will take you from the beach to town and everywhere in  between.  Where will your Breck and Grier take you?  Order your own HERE.

This small size is perfect for a fun night out!!!

I love the clutches!!!!

 Classic Americana!!!!   

The rainbow design is so cool!!!

2 great sizes!!!!

I love this color combination!!!

Personalized with your favorite island!!!

More of the smaller size bags!!!

Love the flag!!!

This is the perfect summer bag…

This is the perfect beach bag!!!

The round might be my favorite!!

Hmmmmm…I wonder who this one if for!!!!!!!  

Here are some color samples and monogram samples!!!