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Daily Archives: May 14, 2019

WOW…What A Difference 20 Pounds Makes!!!!!!

I am so excited to announce that the Diet Center of Rye has signed up to be a sponsor of NS Lifestyles.  I am telling you if you want to lose weight…the Diet Center WORKS!!!!!!  I sat down with Judi Finch, the owner of the center and she is GOOD!!!!  The Diet Center is a boutique weight loss center.  Judi, who has been doing this for over 25 years and helped thousands lose weight,  meets with you, one on one, a few times a week to help you lose weight and achieve your goals.  Judi knows her stuff and with her help you will not believe the results!!!!  She comes up with a personalized diet plan that you will be able to stick to.  YES you can go out to dinner, YES you will not be hungry and YES you WILL lose weight!!!  Call Judi today 914-967-9462 for more information and to get your NS Lifestyles special pricing…Her jumpstart program will have you looking great in just a few weeks!!!!


Our sponsor New Leaf Financial has partnered with Lumina Financial Consultants to provide even more extensive services for their clients….Their first is just 2 DAYS AWAY on the 15th in Rye…see the invite below for details!!!

Financial Planning

You’ll get an unbiased, holistic view of your household spending needs today, and long into the future. These help you chart a smooth and rewarding course on your journey.

Investment Management

Our customized approach serves the growing needs of women at every stage of life by implementing sustainable and long-term strategies based on your unique financial profile.

Divorce Financial Planning

We help you manage major life transitions like divorce or the loss of a loved one; giving you the knowledge and confidence to make informed, game-changing decisions.

Women, Wellness and Wealth 

Your hosts:

  • Patti Moores and Hilary Tuohy from Lumina Financial Consultants 
  • Erica Atkins-Pilla from WholeBody Myofascial Release & Massage
  • Janet Muller –  Beyond Yoga Studio – A Path to Wellness- A place for yoga and other wellness initiatives.  Janet Muller, founder, yoga teacher and life coach of the studio, meets clients where they are today and empower them to transform who they will become tomorrow.  
  • Dr Susan Friedman from Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness – Our purpose is to help people feel and look their absolute best so they can enjoy life to the fullest!!!  We have solutions for handling pain/sports injuries, strategies for healthy living utilizing whole food nutrition and weight loss programs as well as state of the art body contouring aesthetics. 
  • Cecilia Jewel –  LINK necklaces – fine handcrafted jewelry Cecilia Jewel
  • Laura Coash, Certified Senior Distributor, BEMER USA.  BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and mental acuity.  Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today…
  • Pilates by Daniela: Personable and private Pilates studio situated in the heart of Port Chester. 
May 15th 6pm – 8pm

Serendipity Labs, 80 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Rye 10580